Eldritch Invocations 5E

Eldritch Invocations
Agonizing Blast
Armor of Shadows
Ascendant Step
Aspect of the Moon
Beast Speech
Beguiling Influence
Bewitching Whispers
Book of Ancient Secrets
Chains of CarceriCloak of Flies
Devil's SightDreadful Word
Eldritch Sight
Eldritch Smite
Eldritch SpearEyes of the Rune Keeper
Fiendish Vigor
Gaze of Two Minds
Ghostly Gaze
Gift of the Depths
Gift of the Ever Living Ones
Grasp of Hadar
Improved Pact Weapon
Lance of Lethargy
Maddening Hex
Mask of Many Faces
Master of Myriad Forms
Minions of Chaos
Mire the Mind
Misty Visions
One with Shadows
Otherworldly Leap
Relentless Hex
Repelling Blast
Sculptor of Flesh
Shroud of Shadow
Sign of Ill Omen
Thief of Five Fates
Thirsting Blade
Tomb of Levistus
Trickster's Escape
Visions of Distant Realms
Voice of the Chain Master
Whispers of the Grave
Witch Sight
Aspect of the Moon (UA)
Burning Hex (UA)
Caiphon’s Beacon (UA)
Chilling Hex (UA)
Chronicle of the Raven Queen (UA)
Claw of Acamar (UA)
Cloak of Baalzebul (UA)
Curse Bringer (UA)
Kiss of Mephistopheles (UA)
Frost Lance (UA)
Gaze of Khirad (UA)
Grasp of Hadar (UA)
Green Lord’s Gift (UA)
Improved Pact Weapon (UA)
Mace of Dispater (UA)
Moon Bow (UA)
Path of the Seeker (UA)
Raven Queen’s Blessing (UA)
Relentless Hex (UA)
Sea Twins’ Gift (UA)
Seeker’s Speech (UA)
Shroud of Ulban (UA)
Superior Pact Weapon (UA)
Tomb of Levistus (UA)
Ultimate Pact Weapon (UA)
Bond of the Talisman
Eldritch Mind
Far Scribe
Gift of the Protectors
Investment of the Chain Master
Protection of the Talisman
Rebuke of the Talisman
Undying Servitude
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