Thief of Five Fates Invocation

Hello warlocks of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out yet another to be more specific our 39th episode of our eldritch invocations series where we break down all the warlock invocations and see what they’re made out of.

Today we’re taking a look at an interestingly named one, i’m not too sure the naming convention comes from, it might be some deep lore that i just don’t know about but today we’re looking at thief of five fates dnd 5e it sounds so ominous. Whoever named these warlock invocations good on you seriously. You can also get to know why and how about how many times can you use eldritch invocations?

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In any case let’s take a look at the description and break this down well at least understand it, so that we can understand is thief of five fates good or bad. Apart from this you can also read this misty visions 5e.


So first and foremost there is no prerequisite and the description reads as followed. You can cast bane once using a warlock spell slot. You can’t do so again until you finish a long rest.

Alright pretty interesting stuff! It really works both the warlocks i’m surprised they don’t get this as regular spell not too sure why not. In any case let’s take a look at the overview and really break down what bane 5e does.


Essentially choose up to 3 creatures within 30 feet, on a failed charisma save they subtract 1d4 from each of their attack rolls and saving throws.

This last for a full minute and it is concentration by the way so bear that in mind. Also you get +1 creature per spell slot above first and the way warlock spell slots work is they kind of level up with you. So just make sure you’re factoring that in as well. You can also check out this agonizing blast 5e.

That being said, i really like this. I think it works really good at how the warlocks thematically played out. I think the hexblade warlocks gains an unfair advantage from this, but this is my personal opinion actually you know what i take it back every warlock really does gain a decent amount from this. It just really helps with party synchronization in general. You can also read this thieves tools 5e and thief rogue 5e.


In any case that’s really all i got to say about it. Thank you so much for checking out guys. If you have any ideas, cool as to use it or cool stories please put them down beneath in the comments section, i love reading them. In any case i hope you all have a great day and as always happy casting. You can also read this thief of five fates eldritch adept.

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