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Hello warlocks! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 49th episode in our eldritch invocations 5e series. At least as so far as the core rule invocations are concerned. Today we have a really cool one in store for us, it’s a little bit complicated at a glance but we’ll break it down an overview in a way that makes sense. We’re going to be talking about how does far scribe work?

This invocation was released in the tasha’s cauldron of everything book. And it’s probably one of my favorites that’s been released in it so far. In terms of thematic elements this is really cool! But there’s also a hughe amount of utility to it and if there’s one thing warlock players like it’s utility.

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If you’re curious about all the invocations that 5e has to offer click on the link. In any case let’s move on to far scribe description and go over it’s prerequisites.


First and foremost its prerequisites are being at least a 5th-level warlock and selecting the pact of the tome feature which is a  favorite of mine. However i really don’t want to try out pact of the talisman just to see how it plays but in any case back to the tome for this particular invocation and its description reads as followed. Also check out this repelling blast 5e.

A new page appears in your Book of Shadows. With your permission, a creature can use its action to write its name on that page, which can contain a number of names equal to your proficiency bonus. You can cast the sending spell, targeting a creature whose name is on the page, without using a spell slot and without using material components. To do so, you must write the message on the page. The target hears the message in their mind, and if the target replies, their message appears on the page, rather than in your mind. The writing disappears after 1 minute. As an action, you can magically erase a name on the page by touching it.

This is really really neat like actually phenomenal. So sending if you’re not super familiar is a third level spell which is really really nice and has unlimited range on it and can even be sent through other planes of existence. However there’s a 5% chance that the message doesn’t arrive so you might have to roll for that or the DM might depends how you run your game i suppose. In any case it’s really neat stuff.

So basically get unlimited casts of this which is super nice. So unlimited usage of a third level spell phenomenal. There are some things i want to point out before we go into the overview however and the first biggest one is that the creature has to write its own name on the page. Do you know is eldritch blast good?.

However it doesn’t say it has to willingly write its own name on the page. So you can use a spell like suggestion or command to kind of make it do it. And it will still have the same effect which i really like. However it does need your permissions so that is interesting as well and kind of prevents this from being exploited.

It really is nice, really is just a fantastic idea, the fact that it scales with your proficiency bonus is super nice as well. In any case let’s move on to the overview here.


So really how this works is first you need their name you need them to write their name then after that happens at any point until their name is erased by you or presumably until they cease to exist. I would imagine that would cause the name to fizzle out but who knows because death doesn’t necessarily always mean death in most campaigns.

So who knows you might be able to communicate with someone from beyond the grave which is a rather interesting concept and something that i don’t think they thought they’d have to address in creating this invocation. Which is really interesting stuff, really interesting stuff. You can also read eldritch sight 5e.

In addition to that what happens is after you have their name in one form or another you can write on that page in your book of shadows and it will whatever message you write will be transmitted to that person’s or things mind and they can respond in turn but and whatever they respond with is presented on your book of shadows and lasts for a minute.

It’s really simple! There are some complicated implications for this but on the whole it is rather simple. A couple things i do want to point out as well, as per this sending spell you can actually use this to communicate with creatures of any type, including beasts and aberrations and it only really requires that they have an intelligence score of at least one which is really interesting and i mean who’s to say what a name is right.

So there’s a lot of weird things you can do with this with your dms approval, so definitely worth talking to if you’re planning on taking this just really neat stuff! Now let’s move on to my personal thoughts on it.


As a pact of the tome warlock maine. I love this, i think this is super cool. In terms of other players using it, i think this is a huge opportunity for dungeon masters to really expand their horizons not just in terms of the game world itself but in terms of character development as well. Don’t miss this eldritch mind 5e.

You can make it so that if a character whose name is on that list is in danger it might turn a different color or you might make it more of a two-way thing, there’s so many interesting plot hooks you could use with this that i don’t know it’s i think it’s nuts personally. I do think wizards of the coast might have made a couple small oversights in this.

For example the ability to limitlessly cast it only for an action. Super nice, the ability to really force someone to write their name in this book is also really interesting as well. So i don’t know it is what it is. It also lends the more creative part of my brain to ask. Check out this thirsting blade 5e.

What if you like just drew a picture or a diagram or something like that right! Like it says you send a short message of 25 words or less. But that’s assuming you’re going off of the spell just by wrong right. However you’re not like actually communicating with it verbally or even mentally you’re using the book to do so.

So what happens if you draw a picture you know what happens if you draw a diagram what happens if there’s so many different things  you can do and what happens if they do the same right! Like what happens if they send you back an image to compensate for your image. I understand that by raw that’s not really something you can do but given the nature of whatever they respond with appearing on the page and lasting for a minute so you can show your party members is really interesting to say the least. But i don’t know. You can check out this what is devil’s sight d&d?.


That being said, let me know what you think of far scribe down beneath in the comment section. Be sure to mention any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns you may have as well as any uses you can think of. That being said, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy adventuring. Also read these articles ghostly gaze 5e |

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