Shroud of Ulban 5E Invocation (UA)

Hello warlocks of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out checking out the 22nd episode of our eldritch invocations 5e unearthed arcana series. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at a pretty interesting one, this one technically fold it into the main rules but i’ll explain the differences between the two.

Today we’re looking at shroud of ulban 5e this is super cool honestly, there’s a ton of deep lore attached to ulban into themself but and that’s not gonna be covered in this article. We’re just focusing on invocation that’s it. That being said, let’s get to the description here.

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First and foremost there are two prerequisites, you have to be at least 18th level and you have to have chosen the great old one as your patron. So this will be one of those top tier ones at least in the unearthed arcana. It reads as followed.

The blue-white star Ulban maintains a fickle presence among the stars, fluttering into view only to herald a dire omen. As an action, you can turn invisible for 1 minute. If you attack, deal damage, or force a creature to make a saving throw, you become visible at the end of the current turn.

Very interesting stuff! This later kinda sorta became a shroud of shadow which is a 15th level ability not 18th so there’s a couple differences between the two in of itself. In any case so let’s take a look at the overview real quick here.


Use an action to become invisible for one minute. You remain invisible until you attack, deal damage, or force a creature to make a save.

While you’re invisible and you can’t be seen without magic or special senses, attacks against your disadvantage. And attacks you shootout have advantage. So a couple differences, first and foremost shroud of shadow  just lets you cast invisibility, it is a concentration spell so in that way shroud of ulban a little bit better. Don’t miss this what is the eldritch invocation tomb of levistus?.

Sure invisibility traditionally lasts an hour in this one we lost a minute but whatever. There’s also one with shadows which is kind of a lower level version of invisibility kind of sorta. So now wanna basically lets you become invisible within areas of dim light or darkness and it lasts until you move or take an action or reaction as 5th level.

So i would put this hmm it’s a little tricky actually i really do like this. I would probably allow in my game is probably at ninth level kind of meet in the middle right! Provide kind of like a step between one with shadows and shroud of shadow. You can also check out this does eldritch blast scale with character level or warlock level?.

What i think makes this a little bit better than one with shadow is you can move. So it’s a great way to escape. Fantastic way to escape. But outside of that yeah i get your point, can’t really do much else but you can still use it to get the heck out of dodge at a minute while you’re taking the dash action super good, honestly you can clear a ton of distance. Also read how many times can you use eldritch invocations?.


That being said guys! That’s about all i have to say on this particular invocation. If you have any ideas, cool stories, thoughts, comments, concerns or combination ideas please let me know in the comments down below i really appreciate it and i love interacting with you guys. That being said, have a great day and as always happy casting.

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