Whispers of the Grave 5E Invocation

Hello warlocks of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 45th episode of our eldritch invocations 5e series where we break down all the warlock eldritch invocations they kind of explain what they do and just really flesh them out a little bit better.

In any case today we’re taking a look at whispers of the grave dnd really cool invocation and really goes with a lot of warlocks personalities. There’s a certain kind of character who really likes this, just essentially a very antisocial character, very kind of to themselves, kind of weird a little bit eerie kind of creepy, this would be perfect for them. In any case let’s take a look at the description here.

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First and foremost there’s a prerequisite thats you have to be at least a ninth level. Those are nine levels of warlock by the way, not nine total character levels. So just bear that in mind. The description reads as followed.

You can cast speak with dead at will, without expending a spell slot. It does still take an action but that’s about it.

Let’s break that down in the overview section, so we actually know what it does exactly or at least a general idea. In any case you can also read what are whispers of death d&d?


You can speak with a corpse, and ask it up to five questions. The corpse only knows what it knew in life. Answers are usually cryptic or repetitive. The corpse can also lie especially if you are hostile to it or recognises you as an enemy.

So pretty cool! You can imagine how i could creep your warlock might be like chatting with skulls all the time. There’s a couple other things to this spell like the there has to be a mouth right so bear that in mind when you’re cast yet. That being said, i really do think it works really well thematically with warlocks in general. Just kind of eerie right! Also read what is the devil’s sight spell?

That being said, it’s super useful. I would combine this with mask of many faces so if you’re interrogating someone who you have bad blood with or if you’re asking the corpse who had bad blood with him life questions, i would disguise myself as one of their friendly like a fellow soldier right! Also check out can warlocks get polymorph?

And that way to be more inclined to tell me details. Ideally i disguise myself as one of their superiors and then that would for sure guarantee truthful results. Now it be up to your DM though anyways super fun role play activity for everyone involved. Keep reading do eldritch invocations give you spells?

It might also be worth noting that because the cork’s only know what a new in life, it can’t answer any questions about the future nor can it really speculate. It’s very like matter of fact this is what happened, this is how it happened but i can’t really explain motivations outside of what i know for sure. Also check out whispers of the grave dnd spells.


So it is really cool and i’d just cool role-playing opportunity. In any case that’s gonna be about it for whispers of the grave. If you have any ideas, any cool combos, any interesting ways to use this or any opinions or thoughts please put it down in the comment section below. I really appreciate it guys and i hope you all have a great day and as always happy casting. Also read wails from the grave dnd | sign of ill omen |

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