Eldritch Mind DnD 5E Invocation

Hello warlocks! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 48th episode of our eldritch invocations 5e series at least as so far as the core rules are concerned. In any case today we have i guess it’s safe to call it an interesting invocation for us. We have eldritch mind 5e which was added in with the tasha’s cauldron of everything book.

And i’m not really impressed with this, full disclosure i think this might actually be the weakest invocation just in general, i can see why it would be useful but there are better ways of achieving the exact same result. However i suppose if your DM is a little bit of a stickler then this might be a good option to go with.

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So you know whatever all i can say for sure is i couldn’t imagine that i would ever personally take it, nor would i imagine anyone in my games would pick it. In any case let’s move on to what does eldritch mind do?.


First and foremost there are no prerequisites outside of just having access to invocations so whether you’re a warlock 5e or you just take the eldritch adept feat here you go and it reads as followed:

You have advantage on Constitution saving throws that you make to maintain your concentration on a spell.

Now i know you might say what are you talking about man! having advantage on concentration checks is gonna be great, i constantly lose concentration, my DM targets me i get it. I hear what you’re saying and you’re right having advantage on concentration checks is super great or constitution saving throws regarding concentration is super great, and i completely agree.

However why wouldn’t you just take the warcaster feat with the warcaster this is one of the perks and there’s a couple other as well. So from where i’m standing it’s a much better option, not to mention. You’ll get feats throughout the game and there are better invocations to pick than this and there’s not very many better feats than warcaster if you’re full caster.

In addition to gaining advantage on any kind of constitution related checks regarding concentration, you also are allowed to attack using spells as an attack of opportunity, there are some stipulations check out the warcaster article if you want to know the details. And you can perform somatic components even when you have weapons and a shield.

To me i don’t know the warcaster feat is incredible it’s almost always chosen if you’re a full caster warlocks in particular gain a decent amount of benefit from it. However i don’t understand what eldritch mind was really thinking or what they were thinking when they put eldritch mind in but i don’t know let’s move on to the overview here.


It’s really simple! Let’s say you’re concentrating on a spell, someone waxia. You have advantage on the CON save if you need to make or need to maintain that concentration i mean you roll two dies instead of one and pick the highest number of the two and that’s really all there is to it.

It’s i guess this would be solid at early levels like during those first three levels before you have access to a feat then maybe maybe then it might be worth it. But i don’t know even then you can’t take it at level one because you don’t have invocations until level two.

So it’s really only viable for two levels then right! that’s assuming you’re taking the warcaster feat which you probably are going to i mean there’s no real reason not to take it, regardless of which warlock pact you make you’re still going to benefit a ton from it. So i don’t know……in any case let’s move on to my personal thoughts. Check out this what is devil’s sight d&d?.


So if you can’t tell already….i don’t know if i’m disappointed or if i’m just genuinely confused. I don’t know what wizards of the coast was attempting to achieve with this. It doesn’t particularly relate to a problem warlocks have been having not really i mean warlocks especially hex blade warlocks which is the most common type by the way.

They’re notoriously common for having extremely high constitution don’t get me wrong i’m not saying advantage wouldn’t help with that when you know you roll poorly or whatever but i don’t know there’s just there’s ways that the warlock players as a whole have already adapted to making constitution saves. Don’t miss this article is eldritch blast a good spell?.

So i don’t know, i don’t really know who benefits from this except for those first couple levels where your stats are relatively low and you are just waiting to take warcaster. Really outside of that i can’t think of anyone who’d really benefit from this. Even those taking eldritch adept like there’s no point. Because once again you’re already taking a feat why don’t you just take warcaster which is superior in almost every regard, the only trade-off i suppose is eldritch adept lets you change all your invocation every level or so.

But assuming you get it at level four you’re only going to be able to change it out a maximum of 16 times, which sounds like a lot but is it really the only time you’d want to change it out as if the one you initially picked wasn’t working i don’t know it is interesting, i don’t quite know what the intended purpose of this was not really. Don’t miss this agonizing blast 5e.

I would have liked to see them do something like for example maybe advantage on saves regarding being charmed or immunity to psychic damage or something along those lines that would still be in line with the eldritch mind name but just good. Also read this thirsting blade 5e.


I don’t know maybe i’m thinking about this too much. Let me know what you think of eldritch mind down beneath in the comment section, be sure to mention any thoughts, questions, comments, concerns and let me know if i’m missing anything.

I don’t think i’m, it’s only in one line well it’s like one sentence but it just sounds bad relative to warcaster. I don’t know once again maybe i’m missing something let me know down beneath in the comment section if i am. That being said, Naturally i hope you all have a wonderful day and as always happy adventuring. Also check out this eldritch sight 5e.

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