Claw of Acamar Invocation (UA)

Hello warlocks of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the sixth episode of our eldritch invocation unearthed arcana series today we’re gonna be taking a look at claw of acamar 5e this one as cool as it may be is incredibly unbalanced as it’s written in an unearthed arcana. I’ll explain how to make it a little bit better and hopefully your DM will approve it that way.

Unearthed arcana all of these are gonna be playtest materials so you’re gonna need your DMs approval if you’re gonna want to pick any of them. That being said, let’s take a look at the description for claw of acamar so we know what we’re talking about. However you can also read fiendish vigor 5e.

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The prerequisite is actually there is two of them. First you have to be with the great old one as your patron and you have to pick the pact of the blade feature. It’s a pretty unlikely combo but it can work. The description reads as follwoed. Apart from this you can also check out flail mastery 5e.

You can create a black, lead flail using your Pact of the Blade feature. The flail’s head is sculpted to resemble a pair of grasping tentacles. The weapon has the reach property. When you hit a creature with it, you can expend a spell slot to deal an additional 2d8 necrotic damage to the target per spell level, and you can reduce the creature’s speed to 0 feet until the end of your next turn.

Man i hate how broken this is, i do not know how they thought this was a good idea to put it in play test material but whatever let’s go to the overview so i can kind of explain why i think it’s broken and explain how to remedy it. Keep reading flail (5e).


So essentially you gain a flail as your pact weapon, it has an extra 5feet of reach. On a hit you can use a spell slot to add 2d8 necrotic damage per each spell slot level and you reduce the creatures speed to 0 ft until the end of your next turn.

Okay so let me give you scenario here. Let’s say you’re a decently leveled warlock so all your packs or all your spell’s are at fifth level right! And let’s say you’d go with thirsting blade right so that will give you two attacks. You hit once, burn at fifth level spell slot, deal an extra 10d8 necrotic damage the movement becomes zero since you picked thirsting blade you do the same thing again. You can also check out our best classes dnd 5e.

So you essentially deal 20d8 worth of damage in one turn plus whatever the weapon is like yeah that’s broken as heck. The fact that it offers the reach property is even worse because it means you can stack this was something like polearm master it’s kind of like setting on a lot of ways to so probably cycle with that and then you’re basically unbeatable.

It doesn’t specify that you have to use the attack action so this works with attack of opportunities as well this is broken. So how do we fix it, hmm….let’s see…, Apart from this you may also interested in cleric dnd 5e.

Firstly make this a 15th level thing, the fact that then put a level cap on this is another flag so 15th level pact of the blade done! I’m fine with you see the 2d8 so i’d make it 2d4 times the spell slot level, i’d make it only usable once per short rest and i think that it has to be with the attack action…there we go. Make sure to check out cleric spell list.

If you combine those together i think it’d be fair. So to summorize make it once per attack action, once per short rest, and it be 2d4 multiplied by the spell slot level. Yes, that should work fine it’s still really good and yet keep the 0 feet of movement in there why not, should be pretty good! Also read how many times can you use eldritch invocations?.


That’s my thoughts on it, if you guys have any interesting ways you do it or if you want to offer your own insight please do so down in the comment section, i really appreciate it. That being said guys, have a great day and as always happy casting. Also read repelling blast 5e | what is the eldritch invocation tomb of levistus? | clairvoyance 5e | clay golem 5e | what is the voice of the chain master? | what is protection of the talisman 5e?.

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