Mask of Many Faces DnD 5E

Hello warlocks of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 27th episode of our eldritch invocations series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at one we’ve actually mentioned on previous articles.

Today we’re going to be taking a look at mask of many faces and this is part of one of my all-time favorite game breaking combos in d&d 5e and i’ll get to that a little bit later on. But for now let’s just take a look at the how does mask of many faces invocation work in of itself. Let’s start with the description. In any case you can also check out this mask of a thousand faces 5e.

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First and foremost there are no prerequisites for this. What that means is anyone of any level, any feature, any previous spell casting can take this with no problems and it written as followed. Apart from it also check out mask of disguise 5e.

You can cast disguise self at will, without expending a spell slot.

Well this is super cool! It might be worth noting you still need an action to effectively cast this, so you know just bear that in mind before you get too carried away here. In any case let’s break it down a little bit in the overview. Also check out mask of many faces 5e item cost and also check out magic items 5e.


Essentially, You use illusions to change your appearance for an hour.

We’ve actually done a full article on disguise self 5e so i’m not going to get too too into it but basically as i mentioned lasts for an hour and it’s strictly illusion meaning if you make yourself a little bit taller, thinner or what-have-you and someone bumps into you, they’ll be able to tell that there’s something not right. You can also check out what does beguiling influence do.

In order to look through it, in order to figure you are disguised. They have to pass an investigation check against your spell save DC so pretty standard stuff there! Now let’s get into the combo.

So the combo is essentially mask of many faces combined with the actor feat, combined with the friends cantrip combined with comprehend languages all these put together you essentially become someone else if that makes sense. It’s super cool stuff! there’s a couple class abilities that really helped out things like telepathy for example but that’s kind of the gist of it. It’s so compelling, so awesome to use. It’s gamebreaking for a lot of social games. Also check out mask of the wild 5e | what are the races in d&d.


In any case that’s what i really have to say about what does mask of many faces do? If you have any alternative uses, any cool stories, any thoughts, questions or opinion regarding it please put it down below in the comments section, i really enjoy reading them and you guys really help out the community. In any case thank you so much for checking out today, have a great day and as always happy spell-casting.

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