Aspect Of The Moon DnD 5E

Hello warlocks of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the fourth episode of our what is an eldritch invocation? series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at one of the more interesting ones from a roleplay perspective. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at aspect of the moon 5e. This is pretty perfect, it really fits the warlock motif and a lot of ways. In any case let’s take a look at the description here.

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First and foremost it’s gonna be worth noting that there is a prerequisite then that is they have to have picked the pact of the tome feature. That’s when they get to your book of shadow is a bunch of shadow is a bunch of i sure can trace things of that nature and the description reads as followed.

You no longer need to sleep and can’t be forced to sleep by any means. To gain the benefits of a long rest, you can spend all 8 hours doing light activity, such as reading your Book of Shadows and keeping watch.

Really really really cool stuff! Honestly i really like it. That being said, let’s take a look at the overview and kind of breakdown the aspect of the moon usefulness. You may also like to read can a warlock learn polymorph?


So at a glance you can do eight hours of light activity instead of sleep and you cannot be forced to sleep.

So both of those are kind of to be addressed seperately. First and foremost the light activity instead of sleep super useful, really helps you the rest your party get that long rest and while you’re keeping watch. Especially if you have like devil sight for example which would let you look through normal and magical darkness.

So you make the ideal sentry just a great way to just keep tabs on the team. Especially if you take alert feat that’s even better just insult to injury on that front. You can also use it to take up your studies a little more seriously learn books this all adds to downtime activity as well so i’m at least i would roll but it does so i would certainly let you grab potentially extra proficiencies or things of that nature. Also check out how often can you use eldritch invocations?

And the second proponent you cannot be forced to sleep. What i really like about that is it kind of negates a lot of those early level problems you’re gonna run into where the shaman cast sleep on your party and you being kind of squishier caster, you’re gonna probably be affected by that aspect of the moon dnd 5e spells. Also read this how does eldritch sight work?


That being said, i mean…i just really like it from a thematic and perspective from a role play perspective and mechanically is not that bad either. In any acse those are my thoughts and feelings on it. You can also read this warlock 5e.

If you have anything you’d like to add anything like to contribute any questions or anything of that nature please put it down below in the comments i really enjoy reading them and i know everyone else checking this article does as well. That being said everyone, have a great day and as always happy casting.

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