Gift of The Protectors 5E Invocation

Hello warlocks! Welcome to my spellbook. Today we’re going to be going over anothe one of the more recently added eldritch invocations. These last couple were added in the tasha’s cauldron of everything book, it is likely wizards of the coast is going to add more as it as the easiest  way to beef up the class as a whole. However let’s just deal these ones in the moment.

Today we’re going to be taking a look at gift of the protectors dnd 5e which follows a very very similar template to far scribe which was the previous article. That being said, let’s dive into the description and prerequisites of our today’s article.

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Under prerequisites you’ll see that you need to be at least a warlock of ninth level and have taken the pact of the tome feature. Which is in my humblest opinions one of the best features out there. It’s what i mean so maybe i’m a little bit biased but i don’t know i like it. Now let’s move on to its description. In any case you can also check out aspect of the moon 5e.

A new page appears in your Book of Shadows. With your permission, a creature can use its action to write its name on that page, which can contain a number of names equal to your proficiency bonus. When any creature whose name is on the page is reduced to 0 hit points but not killed outright, the creature magically drops to 1 hit point instead. Once this magic is triggered, no creature can benefit from it until you finish a long rest. As an action, you can magically erase a name on the page by touching it.

This is really interesting and whether or not it’s good or bad i’ll kind of give you my thoughts on that in a little bit here. But there are couple things i’d like to point out in the wording of this that are a little bit maybe oversights is the best way to qualify them…i don’t know. You can also read dnd gift of the depths.

The first being is that the creature writing its name on the page doesn’t have to be doing it willingly, which means you can’t force them either coercing them or through a magical means. Which is interesting. Do you know that is eldritch blast good?.

Another thing that i’d like to point out is by raw that says so far as to say how it’s written. You have no knowledge of whether or not a creature has used this ability. I personally would homebrew with some flavor text in there that says upon activation the name will change color or something like that.

But there’s no way for you to know for sure the way it’s written at least if this effect has taken place or not. Which is rather interesting it doesn’t require you to make any action or any reaction it just happens almost as if it’s seperate from you which is interesting and it does lend the question…what happens if you are unconscious? would this still take effect?

By raw yeah probably but it is strange nonetheless! Very strange stuff, i’m not a huge fan of that it only resets after a long rest but whatever that’s just because i play coffee locks a lot so maybe for you it won’t be as big of a deal. Now let’s move on to its overview.


So it really is quite simple to explain what’s going on here. Essentially a creature writes this name in your book of shadows and if they should ever be reduced to zero hit points. Instead they are reduced to one hit point, it really is interesting because not only does it not really give you a way to know whether or not this effect has taken place.

Not only is it automatic but there’s no range restriction on it, so it can hypothetically apply, not only anywhere on the material complain but realistically anywhere in the multiverse as well. Like i don’t see anything that could be stated that it’s restricted to only the material complain or only within  sight. It really is interesting stuff.

And it also begs the question would that creature know if they were only spared due to the mechanics of the spell book like how would you flavor it right. By raw it doesn’t give you a ton to work with in that regard it simply explains what it does on a mechanical level.

I don’t know it almost seems like at a glance at least it almost seems like this is an incomplete kind of invocation, it just feels like there’s something missing there. I don’t know maybe that’s just me though, it is rather simple mechanically i suppose but i don’t know let’s move on here to my personal thoughts.


So in general healing abilities in the game are fantastic. The way that 5e works is you’re incapacitated or brought down to zero hit points. You’re pretty much dead like there’s nothing you can really do at that point. So abilities that make it so you can get up even with just one hit point.

Still provide you an opportunity to escape or maybe even fight back and win if it’s a close call or just survice to tell your tale another day. That being said, however ranged healing in 5e is one of the most kind of, some people call it broken but it really is just the best possible set of circumstances right!

A lot of the best healing spells require you to be relatively close or even be in contact with the creature you’re healing. But this invocation means you can literally be taking a nap, two planes over and the person will just get up and keep fighting so it really is like the ultimate distance healing.

That being said, however it really is only one hit point and there’s no real way at least by raw for you to tell if the ability’s been used for a day and you can only really use it once per long rest which in most players say because kind of once per session. Here’s our list of eldritch invocations 5e.

It really is interesting though, i’m just looking at it again and again trying to think of maybe i’m missing something, maybe i’m not. I don’t think that i am just because it’s right in front of me and i’ve been rereading it. Also check out can a warlock get polymorph?.

It might also be worth noting that if you could use this in accordance with far scribe which is the article we’ve done prior check the playlist if you would like to check it out. But if you use them together, you could potentially confirm whether or not you saved their life or not. So i guess that’s the best way to use it but i don’t know. You can also read can druids wear armor 5e.


Let me know what you guys think down beneath in the comment section. Mention any thoughts, questions, comments, or concerns you have regarding gift of the protectors and let me know if you think it should be restricted at all or if you or if it is or if there’s been a statement on it. With that being said, i hope you all have a wonderful day and as always happy adventuring. Also check out mask of many faces 5e | ghostly gaze 5e | fiendish vigor 5e | eldritch smite 5e.

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