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Cantrip Spells

The dnd 5e cantrips are the most simple ones in d&d 5th edition but they also powerful spells that your characters can cast almost by rote are level zero. First and foremost does a cantrip count as a spell 5e? Of course a cantrip is counted as a spell which could be cast at will, and of course they don’t use any spell slot and they do not being prepared in advance.

Usage of these spells again and again has been fixed the spell in the caster’s mind and also infused the caster with the magic required to produce an effect over and over. So you may ask us that are cantrips level 0 spells? yes cantrip’s spell level is 0.

Do you know how to cast cantrips as a bonus action….Basically the spell cast with the bonus action would mainly be swift. In any case you should use dnd 5e cantrip bonus action on your turn in order to cast a spell, which is provided that you haven’t been taken a bonus action this turn already. However you are unable to cast any another spell during your same turn, except for a cantrip with a casting time of 1 action.

Do you know that do you roll to cast cantrips? Basically it mainly dependable on the spell you cast. So some of the catrips are like weapon attacks, needed a dice roll to hit or miss. However any other cantrips force a saving throw from an enemy. There is no rule of thumb.

DnD 5E Cantrips List

There are 46 cantrips dnd 5e spells are available as of now. You can check them out from the below mentioned table.

NameCasting TimeDuration
Acid Splash1 ActionInstantaneous
Blade Ward1 Action1 Round
Booming Blade1 Action1 Round
Chill Touch1 Action1 Round
Control Flames1 ActionInstantaneous
Create Bonfire1 Action1 Minute
Dancing Lights1 Action1 Minute
Druidcraft1 ActionInstantaneous
Eldritch Blast1 ActionInstantaneous
Encode Thoughts1 Action8 Hours
Fire Bolt1 ActionInstantaneous
Friends1 Action1 Minute
Frostbite1 ActionInstantaneous
Green-Flame Blade1 ActionInstantaneous
Guidance1 Action1 Minute
Gust1 ActionInstantaneous
Infestation1 ActionInstantaneous
Light1 Action1 Hour
Lightning Lure1 ActionInstantaneous
Mage Hand1 Action1 Minute
Magic Stone1 Bonus Action1 Minute
Mending1 MinuteInstantaneous
Message1 Action1 Round
Mind Sliver1 ActionInstantaneous
Minor Illusion1 Action1 Minute
Mold Earth1 ActionInstantaneous
Poison Spray1 ActionInstantaneous
Prestidigitation1 Action1 Hour
Primal Savagery1 ActionInstantaneous
Produce Flame1 Action10 Minutes
Ray of Frost1 ActionInstantaneous
Resistance1 Action1 Minute
Sacred Flame1 ActionInstantaneous
Shape Water1 ActionInstantaneous
Shillelagh1 Bonus Action1 Minute
Shocking Grasp1 ActionInstantaneous
Spare the Dying1 ActionInstantaneous
Sapping Sting1 ActionInstantaneous
Sword Burst1 ActionInstantaneous
Thaumaturgy1 Action1 Minute
Thorn Whip1 ActionInstantaneous
Thunderclap1 ActionInstantaneous
Toll the Dead1 ActionInstantaneous
True Strike1 Action1 Round
Vicious Mockery1 ActionInstantaneous
Word of Radiance1 ActionInstantaneous
Frequently Asked Questions

1Q: What is The Best Cantrip Spell?

A: Basically the best cantrip in d&d 5th edition is frequently choosen to be “Eldritch Blast.” This warlock-exclusive cantrip is mostly regarded for its many different functions and combat effectiveness. It is known for being the most damaging combat cantrip in the game, making it a popular choice among players.

So whatever the spell in cantrip should be considered the best when you have better damage than anything else. But do you know how much damage should a cantrip do? So most of the cantrips spells do soooo little damage and it is a 1d10 damage.

2Q: Are Cantrips Powerful?

A: Of course they’re but they are less powerful than the other spells. Even though there are cantrips that are good in d&d. So what is the use of cantrip 5e?  However, some are still incredibly helpful. So the cantrips are considered to be spells which do not use the slots and could be cast so many times (that even we can’t count) without depleting any resources.

3Q: Is Cantrip Damage Based on Class Level or Total Level?

A: The cantrips don’t ever use spell slots in d&d 5th edition role playing game. Their damage is based on level they take . And it has been confirmed by many that it’s character level. So to be aware of it all the cantrips based on character level.

4Q: How do You Add Damage to Cantrips 5E?

A: The obvious and primary mechanism of enhancing Cantrip damage is gaining levels, and increasing your casting modifier. All the Cantrips can automatically heighten to the highest spell level you can cast.

5Q: How Many Cantrips Can You Cast 5E?

A: You have no option to cast two cantrips during one action. That’s why many cantrips scale like you level. If you cast a spell as a bonus action, you can only use your action to cast a cantrip.

1ST Level Spells

Casting TimeDuration
Absorb Elements1 Reaction * 1 Round
Acid Stream1 Action1 Minute (Concentration)
Alarm1 Minute (R)8 Hours
Animal Friendship1 Action24 Hours
Armor of Agathys1 Action1 Hour
Arms of Hadar1 ActionInstantaneous
Bane1 Action 1 Minute (C)
Beast Bond1 Action10 Minutes (C)
Bless1 Action 1 Minute (C)
Burning Hands1 ActionInstantaneous
Catapult1 ActionInstantaneous
Cause Fear1 Action 1 Minute (C)
Ceremony1 Hour (R)Instantaneous
Chaos Bolt1 ActionInstantaneous
Charm Person1 Action1 Hour
Chromatic Orb1 ActionInstantaneous
Color Spray1 Action1 Round
Command1 Action1 Round
Compelled Duel1 Bonus Action1 Minute (C)
Comprehend Languages1 Action (R)1 Hour
Create or Destroy Water1 ActionInstantaneous
Cure Wounds1 ActionInstantaneous
Detect Evil and Good1 Action10 Minutes (C)
Detect Magic1 Action (R)10 Minutes (C)
Detect Poison and Disease1 Action (R)10 Minutes (C)
Disguise Self1 Action1 Hour
Dissonant Whispers1 ActionInstantaneous
Distort Value1 Minute8 Hours
Divine Favor1 Bonus Action1 Minute (C)
Earth Tremor1 ActionInstantaneous
Ensnaring Strike1 Bonus Action1 Minute (C)
Entangle1 Action1 Minute (C)
Expeditious Retreat1 Bonus Action10 Minutes (C)
Faerie Fire1 Action1 Minute (C)
False Life1 Action1 Hour
Feather Fall1 Reaction *1 Minute
Find Familiar1 Hour (R)Instantaneous
Floating Disk1 Action (R)1 Hour
Fog Cloud1 Action1 Hour (C)
Frost Fingers1 ActionInstantaneous
Goodberry1 ActionInstantaneous
Grease1 Action1 Minute
Gift of Alacrity1 Minute8 Hours
Guiding Bolt1 Action1 Round
Hail of Thorns1 Bonus Action1 Minute (C)
Healing Word1 Bonus ActionInstantaneous
Hellish Rebuke 1 Reaction * Instantaneous
Heroism1 Action1 Minute (C)
Hex1 Bonus Action1 Hour (C)
Hideous Laughter1 Action1 Minute (C)
Hunter's Mark1 Bonus Action1 Hour (C)
Ice Knife1 ActionInstantaneous
Identify1 Minute (R)Instantaneous
Illusory Script1 Minute (R)10 Days
Inflict Wounds1 ActionInstantaneous
Magnify Gravity1 Action1 Round
Jim's Magic Missile1 ActionInstantaneous
Jump1 Action1 Minute
Longstrider1 Action1 Hour
Mage Armor1 Action8 Hours
Magic Missile1 ActionInstantaneous
Protection from Evil and Good1 Action10 Minutes (C)
Purify Food and Drink1 Action (R)Instantaneous
Ray of Sickness1 ActionInstantaneous
Sanctuary1 Bonus Action1 Minute
Searing Smite1 Bonus Action1 Minute (C)
Shield1 Reaction * 1 Round
Shield of Faith1 Bonus Action10 Minutes
Silent Image1 Action10 Minutes (C)
Silvery Barbs1 Reaction * Instantaneous
Sleep1 Action1 Minute
Snare1 Minute8 Hours
Speak With Animals1 Action (R)10 Minutes
Tasha's Hideous Laughter1 Action1 Minute (C)
Tasha's Caustic Brew1 Action1 Minute (C)
Tenser's Floating Disk1 Action (R)1 Hour
Thunderous Smite1 Bonus Action1 Minute (C)
Thunderwave1 ActionInstantaneous
Unseen Servant1 Action (R)1 Hour
Witch Bolt1 Action1 Minute (C)
Wrathful Smite1 Bonus Action1 Minute (C)
Zephyr Strike1 Bonus Action1 Minute (C)