Improved Pact Weapon Invocation (UA)

Hello warlocks of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 14th episode of our eldritch invocations unearthed arcana series. Unearthed arcana by the way is just playtestable material is not part of the core rules, some of them have been folded in. What we’re talking today has as well but in any case rather the past your DM before you pick them. Today we’re gonna be taking a look at improved pact weapon.

This one’s really cool! It was folded into the game i found the unearthed arcana version to be terrible in comparison to the one that’s in the core rules and i’ll kind of get into why that is and why in kind of surprised that’s the case. In any case first and foremost let’s get into the description here.

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First and foremost there are two prerequisites that is you have to five levels of warlock and you have to pick the pact of the blade feature. One of those are still true in the core one and you still need to pick the pact of the blade. The description reads as followed.

Any weapon you create using your Pact of the Blade feature is a +1 weapon. This invocation doesn’t affect a magic weapon you transformed into your pact weapon.

So pretty cool that’s still part of the main one as well so bear that in mind. let’s look at the overview section kind of break down the differences.


For this one essentially a non-magical pact weapons become +1. Pretty easy to understand.

What the unearthed arcana version is lacking that the core rule has is the core version that you can use your pact weapon as your warlock focus which is super great. You can also determine what kind of weapon you want to conjure up between shortbow, longbow, light crossbow or heavy crossbow so it brings in that range component.

Improved pact weapon by the unearthed arcana standard doesn’t do any of that. So it’s really weird because usually it’s the reverse right, usually the unearthed arcana one is absolutely overwhelmingly better. In this case it’s overwhelmingly worse if you ask me, if you disagree i’d be really curious to hear why because i don’t really think there’s much to stand on there. But who knows i might be wrong.


That being said, if you guys have any alternative uses, cool ways to use it, cool combinations please let me know down beneath in the comment section, i really appreciate it. That being said, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy casting.

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