Ghostly Gaze Invocation 5E

Hello warlocks of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 19th episode of our eldritch invocation series now we’re almost halfway done guys whoa. In any case today we’re taking a look at probably one of the more interesting and best eldritch invocations out there. I really like this fom a DM perspective and i could really enjoy it through a player perspective as well.

In any case today we’re going to be taking a look at ghostly gaze dnd 5e and this is perfect for a number of characters depending on their personalities, it’s really good for this sleuthy a kind of warlock, probably multi classed with like the inquisitor or something of that nature. You can also check out this maddening hex 5e.

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That would be really good with with this alternatively the dungeon year who wants to leave no stone unturned or a pervert. So i’ll get into that in a little bit here. In any case let’s take a look at descriptions so we know what we’re talking about and even we can get an idea about how does ghostly gaze work?. Also read this d&d 5e fog cloud.


There is a prerequisite for this one and that is you have to be at least seventh level. That is seven warlock levels, not total character levels by the way. So just bear that in mind and the description written as followed.

As an action, you gain the ability to see through solid objects to a range of 30 feet. Within that range, you have darkvision if you don’t already have it. This special sight lasts for 1 minute or until your concentration ends (as if you were concentrating on a spell). During that time, you perceive objects as ghostly, transparent images. Once you use this invocation, you can’t use it again until you finish a short or long rest.

So pretty cool! Very very very very cooool! I like this one a lot. Let’s go through the overview and kind of simplify it a little bit. In any case you can also read false life invocation.


So essentially you use an action and you get x ray vision and a darkvision within 30 feet. The effect lasts for 1 minute and needs concentration, you can only do this once per short or long rest .

So pretty, pretty good stuff there. That’s why i kinda said you know it’s really great if you’re kind of the investigative type it’ll really help you out there. Or if you want to make sure you get every nook and cranny of an area it’ll get you there or if you want to look through women’s clothing it’ll help you out there too. You can also read eldritch blast 5e.

Alternatively it’s also really good for identifying whether or not the target you are dealing with is actually what they appear to be. For example you could be dealing with a shape-shifter or something along those lines and this would help you proceed through that. Notice that something’s up at the very least. But i also hope you look through doors and other concrete objects as well. So i really do like that. You can also check out this can a warlock learn polymorph?


In any case guys, if you have any ideas, any alternative uses, any comments, questions, opinions about ghostly gaze 5e please put it down in the comment section below, i’d really like to read them and i’m just curious what you guys think about this one. You can also check out this misty step d&d 5e.

I really like it, but i don’t know if i would include it in any of my current warlock 5e ideas and in a social setting i would for sure but combat wise there’s not really a whole lot here in my opinion. The darkvision is nice but still there’s better invocations that do that a little bit better.

In any case that’s my thoughts on it, if you’re sure yours i’d appreciate it. That being sai, i hope you all have a great day and as always happy casting. Also check out eldritch mind 5e | fiendish vigor 5e | what is the devil’s sight spell? | how does eldritch sight work? |

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