Frost Lance 5E Invocation (UA)

Hello warlocks of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 10th episode of our warlock eldritch invocations unearthed arcana series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at another one that i actually made it into the core rules it changed a little bit and i’ll explain what’s different about it.

Today we’re going to be taking a look at frost lance 5e. Honestly i really like thematic in which behind this one and you know i…i’ll get into how i’d allow it in my games if i would in a little bit here. Before we get into that though let’s get into look at the description here so we know what we’re discussing about. You can also read dnd 5e lances.

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There’s actually two prerequisites and that is you have to pick the archfey as your patron and the other one is eldritch blast cantrip. The description reads as followed.

You draw on the gifts of the Prince of Frost to trap your enemies in ice. When you hit a creature with your eldritch blast cantrip one or more times on your turn, you can reduce that creature’s speed by 10 feet until the end of your next turn.

So if you haven’t guessed already this is essentially the lance of lethargy invocation which we’ve covered earlier. In all honesty i kind the like what this is going and i co-operating the ice, i think that has a cool thematic element to it. Honestly i just really like it. In any case let’s going though overview, kind of explain the difference.


So the biggest difference with this one is usually with the lance of lethargy. You’re able to just you only can fight one creature maximum regards of how many times you hit him with your eldritch blast. However with frost lance you can effect any number of creatures as long as hit at least one of eldritch blasts.

Your eldritch blast can reduce a creatures movement by 10.

So it’s true you can only use it’s still true that each creatures movement can only be reduced by 10 feets but this applies to multiple creatures. You can also check out this what is the use of lance in d&d?

I would actually allow this in my game and only substitute or remove and i would put it at 9th level when requirement. At 9th level i would consider an upgrading lance of lethargy and then kind of go from there. That’s my thoughts on it in any case. Keep reading does ray of frost slow stack?


If you have any questions, comments, concerns, cool build ideas or thoughts and feelings about frost lance i’d really like to hear them down in the comment section beneath. That being said, thank you so much guys have a great and as always happy casting. Also read frightened 5e | fireball 5e | freedom of movement 5e | frostbite 5e | frost giant 5e | ice lance 5e | 5e lance rules | is a lance a polearm 5e |

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