One With Shadows DnD 5E

Hello Warlocks of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 32nd episode of our eldritch invocations series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at one of my personal favorites especially with a certain multi class combo mentioned in a little bit here.

Today we’re going to be taking a look at one with shadows 5e. It’s pretty cool even a name it kind of is what it sounds like. With that being said, let’s take a look at the description here. Apart from this, you can also read can you change eldritch invocations?.

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First and foremost there is a prerequisite and as you have to be at least 5th level, that is five warlock levels not just five combined levels and it reads as followed.

When you are in an area of dim light or darkness, you can use your action to become invisible until you move or take an action or a reaction.

Very cool stuff! Let’s take a look at the overview. In any case you may also interested in how does shadow blade work 5e.


While in dimlight/darkness, you can use an action to become invisible. You remain invisible until you move or take an action or reaction.

In case if you’re unfamiliar being invisible means you can’t be seen without magical or special senses, attacks against you fo disadvantages and attacks by of advantage which makes sense logically. Also read oni 5e.

With that being said, you notice a it doesn’t specify bonus actions, so in terms of interesting combo i think something like flaming sphere would be very interesting, dust devil would be a very interesting. Any concentration spell, that requires bonus actions at least super interesting stuff or even something like shall we say minions of chaos that’s what i was thinking of very interesting where you have to maintain that concentration in order to continue to use that elemental.

Very cool stuff! My personal favorite combo however would be the fantastic use of a sacred weapon spell requires bonus actions can move on its own. Super great! And i think would be hilarious cause because it’s all but indestructible. You can also check out this order of scribes 5e.


That being said, if you have any interesting ideas, cool ways to use and what is the use of one with shadows? please let me know down in the comment section beneath i’d really like to hear what you have to say. That being said guys, thank you so much for checking out and as always happy casting. shroud of shadow 5e | 5e what counts as an attack | 5e spell tier list | one with shadows dnd 5e spells | 5e when to give magic weapons |

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