Friends DnD 5E Spell

Hello there magic practitioners of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 12th episode of our cantrip series. May i introduce to you the infamous friends spell usable by the bard, sorcerer, warlock and wizard and through extension anyone else with their spell lists and it is found in the good old trusty players handbook let’s take a quick look at some of the mechanics here.


  • Level: Cantrip
  • Casting Time: 1Action
  • Range/Area: Self
  • Components: S, M
  • Duration: 1 Minute (Concentration)
  • School: Enchantment
  • Attack/Save: None
  • Damage/Effect: Buff

The cast time is one action, the range is self, the duration is 1 minute and it is a concentration spell and the effect it’s got a point form here, select one creature, you have advantage on charisma checks regarding that creature when the spell ends the creature becomes aware that you made this spell. Also check this charm person 5e.

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The components are somatic and material meaning you have to gesture and there’s material involved it however does not get consumed for this spell. It’s an amount of makeup that’s applied to your face by the way in case you wanted to know that. And the school is fairly unsurprising it is enchantment. Now let’s take a look at the full description here so that we can understand how do friends work in d&d?. Don’t miss out another article called fast friends dnd 5e.


For the duration, you have advantage on all Charisma checks directed at one creature of your choice that isn’t hostile toward you. When the spell ends, the creature realizes that you used magic to influence its mood and becomes hostile toward you. A creature prone to violence might attack you. Another creature might seek retribution in other ways (at the DM’s discretion), depending on the nature of your interaction with it.

So i can see why people are hesitant to pick this just because after the minute the individual becomes aware but i do feel like there are ways that this could work. Yeah i mean it’s not terrible looking at it for a cantrip it’s not really that bad, really good for social games. Let’s take a look at some alternative uses here. You can also read animal friendship dnd 5e.

Alternative Uses

So you could definitely use it in terms of bartering which i feel like a lot of people would particularly in towns that you’re just passing through you don’t really plan on the lead ring. Outside of that it could really help get you out of a bind when it comes to a city guard for example it would really help. Do you know what is the spell to send a message in 5e?

Outside of that i think it would pair really well with any disguise magic like they’re like mask of many faces would be a great pairing with this. Anyone with proficiency and it was disguised kid as well would be really would gain quite a bit from this spell. It would depend on their campaign and i suppose but for the most part. If you have a way to change your appearance then there’s no real downside to using it right.


In any case that’s about it for this spell here guys. If you have any alternative uses that you would like to go over please put them down in the commens section so others to look at them. Yeah i hope you guys have a great day, thank you for checking this article. Also read these articles such as prestidigitation 5e | mage hand 5e | blade ward 5e.

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