DnD 5E Actor Feat

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the second ever episode of our feat series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at one of the first feats you ever see when you open up the players handbook and that is actor feat 5e.

Found in the players handbook as mentioned before and in case you’re not familiar with how feats work you get them instead of a ability score increase so around for most classes at least four, eight, tweleve, sixteen level essentially it has four levels.

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Some classes get them a little bit more frequently shut out to your rogues. But for the most part that’s the good rule of thumb to use, some of them are really powerful, some of them not so much and that’s why we’re taking a look in this series. Let’s take a full look at the description of actor. Also check out our all feats at one place.


So we know what we’re talking about skilled at mimicry and dramatics you gain the following benefits. Increase your charisma ability score by one to a maximum of 20. You have advantage on all charisma deception and charisma performance checks when trying to pass yourself off as a different person.

You can mimic the speech of another person or the sounds made by other creatures. You must have heard the person speaking, or heard the creature make the sound, for at least 1 minute. A successful Wisdom (Insight) check contested by your Charisma (Deception) check allows a listener to determine that the effect is being faked.

Alright very cool! let’s take a quick look at a walkthrough of this, so we can kind of break it down. Apart from this we recommend you to read do you start with a feat in 5e.


Now what is the actor feat used for! So the plus one to charisma not a whole lots really dissect there add an additional plus one your charisma modify arch your charima score and it might affect your modifier depending on what you got. You have an advantage on deception and performance checks when trying to mimic another person.

Very cool, it might be worth noting however that this advantage does not apply to mimicking creatures. So please bear that in mind when you’re using it. Your DM might still allow it and i feel like i would in a lot of my games, but it comes down to you and who your DM is and what they believe and the third part is after hearing a sound or another person speak for one minute you can mimic that sound.

A contestant check is needed to determine the nature of the mimicry, inside contested by your deception. Really cool stuff there too. I would also make the argument that they would only make that check if they had a reason to doubt you. So if your roleplay was really good i would determine that to kind of be null and void like i just let them roll with the advantage see how they do and if they roll really well. You can also read 5e actor feat changeling.

If the role plays really well, i won’t even have it really be contested. I think that’s very cool you know, what’s gonna do some of my personal thoughts on it and kind of see how it would stack up. Do not miss out our skill expert feat 5e article.


I think the class that stands the most to gain from this would actually be the warlocks and reason i’m saying that first and foremost their charisma based casters (check out dnd 5e charisma based classes). So that plus one ability score to charisma actually has some use for them. Secondly, they have masks of many phases that essentially allows you to use disguise self at will.

Which is potentially kind of game breaking if you combine it with actor and the friends cantrip. It will essentially allow you to pretend to be someone else have perfect roleplay while you’re doing it because you can mimic both their appearance and their voice and because of the friends cantrip you gain permanent advantage on it.

That is nuts if you have a social setting that’s centered in some city with a lot of political dialogue stuff like that. That is a terrible combination to throw up with, especially something like a great old one warlock would be brutal because they can have that telepathy as well like wow what a crazy combo honestly.

Outside of that you know sorcerers might gain from it as well just because that charisma but all of that’s going to come down to the roleplay aspect of it their background stuff of that nature. I definitely think this is a fair choice this feat gets dumped on a quite a bit, there are more useful feats mechanically but i think thematically this one carries its own quite nicely. Also check out alert feat 5e.


With that being said guys, thank you so much for checking out today i’m trying to keep these as short as possible and if you have any builds, any cool stories, any questions please take him down beneath in the comment section and with that out of the way guys happy adventuring. Also read this Actor feat dnd 5e spells.

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