Red Dragonborn Subrace 5E

Hello potential dragonborns of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 8th episode of our dragonborn subrace series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at the red dragonborn. By far one of the most common ones i’ve seen and i’d probably put it on par with the gold in terms of popularity.

That being said! It is found in the player’s handbook same with all of its other dragonborn kin and let’s take a look at their mechanics.

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So in terms of resistance they get fire resistance which is one of the better ones and in terms of the breath weapon it is a 15 point foot cone and it is a dexterity save. For fire damage on a successful save the target creatures only take half damage which is pretty cool.

  • Resistance: Fire
  • BreathWeapon: 15ft, cone (DEX.SAVE)
  • 1st level:2d6, 6th level: 3d6, 11th level: 4d6, 16th level: 5d6

The DC is calculated by eight plus your constitution modifier plus your proficiency bonus. At first level it deals with 2d6 fire damage, at 6th level 3d6 fire damage, at 11th level 4d6 and at 16th level 5d6 fire damage. With their mechanics out of the way let’s take a look at their features, personalities and other facts about them.


In terms of features they have two horns slicked-back words usually. They also have a very sharp looking jaw.


They’re arrogant, greedy, prideful, quick to attack. They also obsess over combat to a red dragon reputation is incredibly important and they are extremely competitive they just need to be the best.


In terms of otherfacts they smell of sulfur impalas and they breath out fire and steam when angry. Not to the point where can damage anything but just to the point where it is a almost a aesthetic effect and mating is also based off of reputation which is pretty interesting stuff.

So your dragonborn will want to save face as much as possible and build up quite the impressive reputation for himself. That being said! let’s take a look at my own thoughts.


I think the read dragon born would make incredible fighters and incredible barbarians it kind of goes with the whole motif they got going on of being very headstrong, they can overcome anything. I think the barbarian class is uniquely suited for them.


That being said! If you have any cool ideas involving red dragonborn please put it down beneath in the comment section, i really enjoy reading them and i know everyone else does as well. That being said guys! thank you so much have a great day and as always happy adventuring.

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