Green Dragonborn Subrace 5E

Hello potential dragonborns of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 7th episode of our dragonborn subrace series. Where we go through each dragonborn choice kind of flesh model out but better just kind of focus on him. That being said today we’re going to be taking a look at the green dragonborn this one like its counterparts it’s going to be found in the good old players handbook so we should all have access to it. With that hyped up intro out of the ways let’s take a look at its mechanics.


  • Resistance: Poison
  • Breathweapon: 15foot, Cone (CON.SAVE)
  • Poison Damage
  • DC=8+Con Mod+Pro
  • 1st level: 2d6, 6th level: 3d6, 11th level: 4d6, 16th level: 5d6

So it gets resistance to poison damage and as its breath weapon its 15 foot cone of poison and its constitution save. Its the first constitution save we’re covering and it’s also the only dragon that deals with poison. There is only dragonborn that deal with poison.

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Your DC is calculated by 8 + constitution modifier + your proficiency. And in terms of damage at first level it is 2d6, at 6th level 3d6, 11th level 4d6 and 16th level 5d6 damage which is quite impressive. That being said let’s take a look at its features.


It has frills on its head that’s a easiest way to identify them.


In terms of personalities they are very deceptive, very ill tempered and evil love ambushes, they’re masters of politics, they’re very protective over children and they do not trust other green dragonborns.


They are also known as forest dragons and unsurprisingly they do live in forests and woods. They hate giants but they eat mammals.

Very interesting stuff! I really like them. Once again it is all kind of recommendations based of off the actual green dragon so feel free to incorporate them to your discursion. That being said! Let’s take a look at my own personal thoughts on it.


So i really like them! I think they make fantastic warlocks, i think they make fantastic druids as well. I could very easily imagine one being circle of the sport druid i think that would be awesome. Same with rangers i could see them being quite effective rangers.

That being said though i mean! Do everyone allow with them naturally that was like my recommendations from kind of personality percpective at least to seems like i would  fit them more than anything else. Maybe a couple of the rogue subclasses as well like inquisitor would be very interesting range dragon.


Let me know if you have any uses for the green dragon any ideas, any cool concepts you have been thinking about and just put them in the comment section below and let me know what you think. That being said guys! Thank you so much i really appreciate it. I hope you all have a wodnerful day and as always happy adventuring.

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