Mountain Dwarf Subrace 5E

Hello adventurers! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you for taking a look at the second of the dwarf sub-races we’re taking a look at. Today we’re gonna be going over the mountain dwarf. Now if you’re not super familiar with how the sub-races typically pan out, the subraces found within the Player’s handbook are usually incredibly simple and a lot of this stems back to 5e’s kind of appeal or broad appeal.

As so far as to say that it was a very simple, very streamlined system and as more books came out and expanded on the 5e platform. You saw the sub-races became consistently more complicated and to an extent the races in general like most of the dwarff stuff you can fit on to like a quarter of a page really probably even less than that and then you look at some of the more recent releases like the cimic hybrid and the race alone in terms of an adequate description takes quite a bit.

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It’s a very complicated in terms of how it all pans out. In any case the mountain dwarf being from the player’s handbook is incredibly simple, not to say it’s bad or great or anything like that. It’s fine for what it is, it just if you’re coming from the duergar article you will notice what i’m talking about almost immediately. So let’s dive in the mountain dwarf sub-race found in the players handbook. Let’s take a look at its mechanics here.


It get’s an ability score increase of strength plus two which is really awesome and that’s an addition to the +2 of the CON. That comes just through virtue of being a dwarf and you have a dwarven armor training; you’re proficienc twith light and medium armor regardless of class.

This is really good stuff! I like it and of course you gain access to the dwarven weapons as well. So you’re kind of just ready to go honestly that’ll, it covers your main downsides as a caster. So if you want to play a gish caster this is a good route to go in that regard. But to be fair that’s all there is to it.

That’s about it, mountain dwarves by the way are kind of the stereotypical dwarf so play with that however you want to in your world there’s not a whole lot to really say about them outside of that. That being said, let’s get to my personal thoughts on them.


I think they’re fine, there’s not really anything worth talking about in terms of their mechanics at least. It’s very simple, it’s very to the point, it’s very new player friendly and as i alluded to earlier that was kind of the main draw to 5E and for a lot of people it still is it’s a very easy game to pick up and run with.

Especially with the way that the core rule book or the player’s handbook is laid out. Very easy to just follow along as a player and the DMG to a lesser extent but it’s still easier than a lot of the other gaming systems out there. So just bear that in mind, in terms of what they work well with you know honestly everything the casters really benefit from the armor training and the martial characters really benefit from the strength boost.

I can’t really think of a lot of classes that will benefit more so than others outside of the gish classes of course. Even then a lot of them have class features built in already. I don’t know it’s just a solid choice no matter how i look at it.


That being said! I hope you all have a great day, i really do appreciate you sticking around and of course happy adventuring all of you.

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