Black Dragonborn Subrace 5e

Hello potential dragonborns of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 1st episode of our dragonborn subrace series. All the dragonborn subraces are going to be found in the players handbook and today we’re going to be taking a look at the black dragonborn. That being said, let’s move on to its mechanics.


  • Resistance: Acid
  • Breath Weapon: 5 by 30ft. Line ( Acid damage
  • DC=8+Con Mod + Proficiency
  • 1st level: 2d6, 6th:3d6, 11th:4d6, 16th:5d6.

So the black dragonborn in addition to everything else that the dragonborn gets. It gets resistance to acid and gets a breath weapon which covers a 5 by 30ft line and the creatures affected must make a DEX save it does acid damage.

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The DC for the dex save is 8 plus your constitution modifier plus your proficiency. And in terms of damage at first level it does 2d6 and once it gets the 6th level it does 3d6, at 11th level 4d6 and at 16th level 5d6 damage. So pretty impressive. Now let’s take a look at their features, personalities and other facts about them.


  • Features: Very skeletol faces, forward pointing horns.
  • Personalities: Very Evil, No strong familial bonds, love collapsing kingdoms, Attracted to the shadowfell, Prefer death over enslavement treasure:coins.
  • Otherfacts: Aka Scull dragons. Found in putrid swamps, tolorates green counterparts, Prefers to eat fish and rotted meat prone to bully lizards.

In terms of features they have incredibly skeletol features hellodol eyes, stuff of that nature. They also have two forward pointing horns. These features personalities and other facts are actually based off of the black dragon but they have been kind of translated and modeled more towards of the dragonborn race so as they going to be some obvious similarities.

In terms of personalities the black dragonborn are likely to be quite evil. They also are likely to not have very strong familiar bonds if any at all. They love the idea of collapsing kingdoms, they attracted to the shadowfell prefer death over enslavement and really like coins.

Other facts about him, They’re also known as scull dragons so very cool stuff you could be a sculldragonborn if you like that. They’re typically found in putrid swamps, they can tolorate the green dragons but only huge fans of the other ones. They prefer to eat fish and rotted meat and they are prone to bully lizards. Which is pretty interesting when you think about it. Let’s get into my personal thoughts on him.

Personal Thoughts

I think that the black dragonborn work incredibly well with warlocks my goodness, it’s just kind of like radiate the edge kind of vibe. So worth volume i probably agree with that as well, maybe oath advance on paladins maybe but that would be kind of my top choices there. I really like them i think they are cool allows to go role play opportunities especially early levels you deal with the lot of monsters that do acid damage so the resistance is super helpful there.


That being said guys! Thank you so much for checking out this article and i really do appreciate it, i hope you all have a wonderful day and as always happy adventuring.

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