Spell Sniper Feat DnD 5E

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 53rd episode of our feat series. Does your character have the desire to be all that just ping people from across the battlefield with a barrage of arcana hellfire! If that sounds like your character or if you just really don’t like being in combat and if you really don’t like missing then you know this feat might be for you.

Today we’re gonna be taking a look at Spell Sniper Feat DnD 5E this classic among classics. This is one of the most popular feats in the game for the record and you’ll see why in later on here. It is found in the players handbook, so we should all have access to it which is just phenomenal. With that hyped up intro out of the way let’s take a look at the description and break this down just a little bit.

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So first and foremost there is a prerequisite for this feat and that is that you have to be able to at least cast one spell. Which makes sense logically, spell sniper kind of implies that you need to be able to cast spells. In this case you only need one, preferably more but one is the bare minimum and this feat reads as followed.

You have learned techniques to enhance your attacks with certain kinds of spells, gaining the following benefits: When you cast a spell that requires you to make an attack roll, the spell’s range is doubled. Your ranged spell attacks ignore half cover and three-quarters cover. You learn one cantrip that requires an attack roll. Choose the cantrip from the bard, sorcerer, warlock, cleric, druid or wizard spell list. Your spellcasting ability for this cantrip is Charisma, Wisdom, or Intelligence respectively based on the spells list.

Super super cool stuff! let’s break it down a little bit further.


First and foremost i mean what a very cool feat. So long as there’s an attack role involved the range is doubled, that is crzy. It might be worth noting that this doesn’t apply to AoE, it doesn’t apply to debuff…it just strictly applies to ranged attacks. So pretty cool stuff there!

The ignoring half and three quarters cover super beneficial as well really helps you gain access to a lot of cool kind of trick shots means people can’t hide from you easily stuff like that and then you gain a cantrip out of the deal too. Be aware there’s a little bit of a restriction on it and that is the cantrip has to be able to make an attack role. So eldritch blast is a pretty solid one, thorn whip would be another one under the right circumstances i could see someone going with booming blade or green flame blade you can pick them as a cantrip although they would not work with that spell attack range. But in any case super cool stuff there. Let’s take a look at my personal thoughts on it.


I really like this one, i really do i can see why it’s so popular among the casting the ability to ignore half and three quarters cover is probably the coolest part there’s ways to get ridiculous range on a lot of spells as well but i find in my experience at least most encounters don’t usually happen over that long of a range to begin with. So it’s a little bit of a i guess it’d be nice to have but i personally haven’t found myself relying on it very much.

If you have like more of a naval campaign where you’re on ships and there’s enemy pirates and stuff like that. Then i could see being a little bit more useful. In terms of who gains the most from this, i think the obvious winner is the warlock, i really do i think this is all this feat seems built for the eldritch blast spell in more ways than not so i really like that.

Close second would be the wizard just due to their variety after that probably the cleric for the same reason due to the variety then druid, then bard after that. The tricky thing about the bard is a lot of their damaging related spells they actually require a check. They don’t make an attack roll so it’s not really applicable under this.

So the bard probably gains from the least , at least in my opinion so to list it out warlock, wizard, sorcerer, cleric, druid, bard would probably be the order i’d put it in. Outside of that i could see the eldritch knight may be getting some interesting usage out of this, just primarily because of that ignoring cover benefit.


In any case if you have any crazy ideas for spell sniper or any cool builds or combos you’ve heard of in the past or any cool stories about it or any thoughts even please put it down in the comments beneath i love reading them and i know everyone else checking this article does as well. Thank you so much once again and as always happy adventuring.

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