Dual Wielder (Two-Weapon Fighting) 5E Feat Explained

Do you know that the dual wielder feat 5e was the closest one and the fighter is casually maintaining to be catch the haywire construct’s axe in between her crossed swords before its jumping back. Basically spitting the panicked word of the draconic, the best sword in her right hand burst into the brilliant flame, the mist has been created like a heat met a cold emanating from your frost-laden blade in her left side. However bouncing from the different balls of her feet into the charge, she has been delivered the flurry of swipes, and also the groaning of metal filling her ears like the construct began to be fallen to pieces around her.


With that the hyped intro let us start our todays topic on this feat and we have full dual wielder feat 5e explained here. It is master in an art of fighting with two different weapons by using the dual wielder 5e in our dungeons and dragons role playing game. Till here i hope you’ve clarified your doubt about does the dual wielder feat give you two weapon fighting?….. But of course it is embrace combat versatility. Do you confirm that you could find it out hard to give up the AC boost a shield can give you? Did your party find a cool new sword but it doesn’t work with your character concept? then this Dual Wielder may be what you’re looking for.

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Why are you waiting for, Let’s break down what this feat gives you:

  • From this feat you’d gain a +1 bonus to AC at the time of you are wielding a specific melee weapon in each of their hand. Of course it helps to be compensate for being incapable to wear the shield and of course one of the main drawbacks of two-weapon fighting too.
  • You can also utilise the two weapon fighting even then when you use one-handed melee weapons that you are wielding are not light. This both will allow you to be used the d8 weapons, of course the small damage enhance, but even it also gives you better freedom to use any magical weapons that you may find on.
  • In any case you can even draw or stow two one-handed weapons whenever you would casually capable of draw or stow only for one. Here is of course a quality of life development, that you no longer have to walk around with one weapon out already!

Probably i am sure that everyone which has been selected to fight with two weapons would get advantages from this feat, right? Well let us take a look at who might want to spend a valuable ASI on this:

Dual Wielder 5E is most useful for

Is the dual wielder feat worth it? of course if you’re a fighter then it surely worth to take this feat. Why….we explained below.

Fighters:- With most of its attacks of any martial class, and it has access to the Action Surge to make even more better, the Fighter could make the most out of a small damage enhance like going from a 1d6 shortsword to a 1d8 rapier. They also do have two extra ASIs, declining the cost of taking the feat, which in turn reduces the cost of two-weapon fighting overall by giving them a +1 AC.

Dual Wielder 5E is least useful for

Rogues: For rogues it is not that much helpful for. However the main benefit for two-weapon fighting for the rogue class is an additional choice for being trigger the sneak attack, but with simply one attack they could not correctly leverage the slightly bigger damage die, and even the other advantages just aren’t worth an ASI when other feats are more tempting.

However in the middle of those two classes is the one barbarian, so a MAD class which should select with so much knowledge with their ASIs. In any case, the combination of reckless attack and also the Brutal Critical can allow them to be levarage a d8 weapon dice in a unique way. Of course this is not a strong enough argument in order to keep them in the ‘most helpful for’ section, but it’s good enough to keep them out of the ‘Least Useful For’ section at least.

Only the classes which may would like to use two-weapon fighting rules, to begin with, are considered here, so spellcasters, Monks, and Rangers are not matched.

What Weapons eligible for Two Weapon Fighting

We’ve been compiled different light weapons list ready for you to be weild and of course they are arranged it from most to lowest damage possible. In case if you would like to your TWF to the next level, continue checking below table.

Short Sword1d6Finesse
Handaxe1d6Thrown (range 20/60)
Dagger1d4Finesse, Thrown (range 20/60)
Light Hammer1d4Thrown (range 20/60)

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