Evasive Footwork DnD 5E

Hello battle masters of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 4th battle master 5e episode. Today we are going to be taking a look at evasive footwork 5e which is absolutely perfect for getting out of those binds where you need a little bit extra AC to make some magic happen. With that hyped-up intro out of the way let’s take a look at the description here. The description reads as followed.

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When you move, you can expend one superiority die, rolling the die and adding the number rolled to your AC until you stop moving.

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Okay pretty interesting there’s a couple things i want to point out with this one but overall is quite simple. Well let’s take a look at the overview. You may also like to read evasive footwork and riposte.


Essentially when you move you can expand a superiority die add the roll to your AC until you stop moving.

So this is a weird one. 99% of people will say that if you a part of your turn so let’s your movements 30 feet, you use this superiority die you move 15 feet doon attack and then move another 15 feet. One school of thought says you will only have that added AC for that first 15 feet of movement, the second 15 you are unaffected by it. You can also read this evard’s black tentacles 5e.

Now as much as i want to agree with that and as written it kind of implies that. You got a bear in mind that initiative your turn happens within the same six seconds. So it’s not so much you run up to someone, you come to a full stop, take a swing adam stand there for a couple seconds and then leave.

It’s more so you run up take a swing and then leave and the same kind of fool in motion. That would be my kind of defense of looking at it as though you have the AC the whole time. However it kind of does depend on your DM and what they feel like. You can also read this what is the disarming maneuver in d&d?

It might also be worth noting that this would be pretty great if you had to make a mad dash through a whole swarm of enemies. I think that’d probably be the best use for this and not to mention it doesn’t eat up your bonus action or an attack like a lot of the other maneuvers do, so that is nice. It’s essentially fee AC for some movement which i consider to be pretty good in my opinion. Keep reading our other blog posts like what is the trip attack maneuver in 5e?


In any case please put your thoughts and feelings down below, as well if you have any cool ideas for this, cool stories involving it or interesting build ideas focusing on how does evasive footwork work 5e. That being said guys, thank you so much for checking out today and as always happy adventuring.

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