DnD 5E Witchlight Hand Background

Being this dnd 5e witchlight hand background you shall crept into the Witchlight Carnival like a child or the youth that never ever been looked back though, acquiring a place among those who would work behind the scenes in order to keep the carnival in the business. Like a hand, you may work harder and after that party hard.

However the carnival has borne you for many of the fantastic worlds, circling back around of your home world once in every eight years, but do you know that almost nothing of these worlds because you spend all your time in the carnival. Even though you may know the othe hands well, but of course the carnival’s owners-Mister Witch and Mister Light-would be remain mysterious to you even after all these long years.

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You might have been joined the carnival for escape the dismal life at home, or else maybe you would enchanted by the idea of visiting the new places or even the dream of becoming one of the carnival’s star attractions. In any case, now that you’re older, this carnival life has lost some of its appeal. Also the daily routine has been grown tedious, the cyclical nature of the carnival’s journey monotonous. Probably the carnival has no longer been filled your heart with the sense of wonder. Perhaps greater adventures await you beyond the carnival’s gates.

  • Skill Proficiencies: Performance, Sleight of Hand
  • Tool Proficiencies: Disguise kit or one type of musical instrument
  • Languages: One of your choice
  • Equipment: A disguise kit or a musical instrument of your choice, a deck of cards, a carnival uniform or costume, one trinket (determind by rolling on the Feywild Trinkets table), and a pouch containing 8gp


Carnival Companion

Over the few years, you’ve been earned the friendship of an another carnival fixture. You have to roll the d8 and also consult the Carnival Companion table in order to determine with whom or what you’ve befriended, or else you can simply select an option that you much like. You should work along with your dungeon master for fleshing out this friendship. In any case this companion hangs around you when you’re in the carnival, but it won’t voluntarily leave the carnival.

Of course the DM could use this Witchlight Hand stat block to represent hands, performers, and animal trainers who serve as carnival companions. The statistics for the other companions appear in the Monster Manual. You can check out the below table.

1Old, cantankerous Witchlight hand
2Young, impressionable Witchlight hand
3Performer (such as an acrobat, a clown, or a musician)
4Retired performer
5Seasoned animal trainer
6Old blink dog
7Cheery sprite
8Harmless, magical wisp of light (no stat block required) that has a flying speed of 30 feet, can hover, and sheds bright light in a 5-foot radius and dim light for an additional 5 feet

Carnival Fixture

After all of the above aspects it has one more feature…with this feature the Witchlight Carnival provides you with the free, modest lodging and food. In an addition, you might be wander about the carnival and also partake of its many wonders at no cost to you, it also provided you that do not disrupt its shows or cause any other trouble.

Suggested Characteristics

Mainly these tables are optional, those are well suited to Feywild-themed adventurers and are ideal for any character those who has the Witchlight Hand background.

Personality Traits
d8Personality trait
1I'm haunted by fey laughter that only I can hear, though I know it's just my mind playing tricks on me.
2Like a nomad, I can't settle down in one place for very long.
3Good music makes me weep like a baby.
4Wherever I go, I try to bring a little of the warmth and tranquility of home with me.
5I have never lost my childlike sense of wonder.
6When I have a new idea, I get wildly excited about it until I come up with another, better idea.
7I live by my own set of weird and wonderful rules.
8I can't bring myself to trust most adults.
1Friendship. I never leave a friend behind. (Good)
2Empathy. No creature should be made to suffer. (Good)
3Wanderlust. I prefer to take the less traveled path. (Chaotic)
4Changeability. Change is good, which is why I live by an ever-changing set of rules. (Chaotic)
5Honor. A deal is a deal, and I would never break one. (Lawful)
6Rule of Three. Everything in the multiverse happens in threes. I see the "rule of three" everywhere. (Lawful)
7Obsession. I won't let go of a grudge. (Evil)
8Greed. I will do whatever it takes to get what I want, regardless of the harm it might cause. (Evil)
1I would never break my word.
2I find magic in all its forms to be compelling. The more magical a place, the more I am drawn to it.
3I do what I can to protect the natural world.
4A trusted friend is the most important thing in the multiverse to me.
5I can't bring myself to harm a Fey creature, either because I consider myself one or because I fear the repercussions.
6The Witchlight Carnival feels like home to me.
7I'm drawn to the Feywild and long to return there, if only for a short while.
8I feel indebted to Mister Witch and Mister Light for giving me a home and a purpose.
1I easily lose track of time. My poor sense of time means I'm always late.
2I think the whole multiverse is out to get me.
3I'm always operating under a tight timeline, and I'm obsessed with keeping everything on schedule.
4I'm a kleptomaniac who covets shiny, sparkling treasure.
5I'm forgetful. Sometimes I can't remember even the simplest things.
6I never give away anything for free and always expect something in return.
7I have many vices and tend to indulge them.
8I'm always changing my mind-well, almost always.

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