Child Background 5E

As per one of this homebrew backgrounds 5e you are a child. Not even a young teenager, a child. Of course there are several reasons why you’re still ready to take this off. But on the dragons, lichs, or other nasty things, even though it is still a little unsettling for you in order to be ready for that particular sort of danger at such a young age. Whether or not you’re motivated by a pressures of your family, an important personal goal, or by simple curiosity, you are the child within the world of grown-ups; of course this won’t be easy, but it’ll be more fun to use!

  • Languages: One language of your choice.
  • Skill Proficiencies: Choose two from: Persuasion, Deception, Animal Handling, Acrobatics, Performance
  • Tool Proficiencies: Gaming Set, musical instrument
  • Equipment: Mess kit, set of common clothes, small belt pouch containing 3 GP and a small toy of your choosing.

Feature: Child-like Wonder

However as per this feature your naivety and also inexperience with the world around you to lead have an overwhelming appreciation for each and everything you see. Probably you can use this to your advantage in an order to seem innocent or non-threatening, or even just for convince that cool wizard for let you pet their familiar. Of course some of the magic items shall work even more better for you if “sense of childlike wonder” is mentioned in the lore.

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Suggested Characteristics Of Child DnD 5E Background

As we all know every kid is different. That’s why you should not feel like you need to slot into the types below. Try to have fun with it! After all, you won’t be little for a long!

Personality Trait

d8Personality Trait
1I'm really energetic and tend to get real excited about everything!!!
2I like making up my own jokes and pranks, and I think it's hilarious!
3I'm weirdly knowledgeable in one really niche area, and I can hold a full conversation about it. Otherwise, I'm pretty normal.
4I'm really clingy and shy, and will latch onto one person as my "safe place."
5I'm very physical and express affection by wrestling or aggressively hugging people.
6I'm super curious about everything! Tell me more!
7I'm very calm and quiet around big groups, but I'm rambunctious and lively around my friends.
8I'm kind of obnoxious, but I'm completely unaware of it.


1Fun! I want to have a ton of fun, even if I might get in trouble! (Chaotic)
2Knowledge: I want to be the smartest kid my age. (Neutral)
3Family: I want to find a better family than the one I have. (Chaotic)
4Family: I want to make my family proud of me. (Lawful)
5Rebellion: I'm sick of all the pointless rules my parents make me follow. (Chaotic)
6Happiness: I want everyone I meet to have a reason to be happy that day! (Good)


1My older sibling is the coolest person ever, and I want to be just like them!
2My parents want me to be a perfect child, and I'm willing to try if it makes them happy.
3My grandma says I have to write home to her if I go on this adventure!
4I intend to go to an expensive school when I'm old enough, but my family can't afford it. I refuse to accept defeat and I'm going to get the gold on my own.
5I've gotta get money for my mom's healing spell costs, otherwise she won't get better.
6My dad is a retired adventurer, and he's super supportive of my chosen career. I can't wait to show him all the things I've done!


1I always think of things as much simpler or much more complicated then they actually are.
2I can't stand the feeling of armor much heavier than hide.
3I can't eat anything if it hasn't been cut into smaller bites.
4I'm still learning to tie my shoes by myself. I get really upset when I can't do it alone.
5I'm easily distracted. Like, really easily.
6I have little to no filter, and will say whatever comes to mind.

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