DnD 5E Best Druid Background

Don’t you know what is dnd 5e best druid background? well, this article helps you to pick a best from top 10 list. So each one represents the theme of Druids well or actually turns the tropes around for a unique twist on the class.

DnD 5E Druid Backgrounds

1. Hermit

The hermit 5e is most probably the famous classic background choice especially for druids. But of course, this shall make it one of the best choices. It usually fits the theme of most Druid characters extremely well.

Mainly, as a Hermit, your character shall live or lived in an isolation for a large portion of their life. They’ve usually had a little to no interaction with the “civilized” world, instead of opting to live in and also with a natural world.

Even though, already this can make the hermit background one of the best choices for Druids.

Of course the theming has been inspiring the druid class shall revolve around living with the nature, the Hermit fits much perfectly. Even better, it comes with the great neat feature which you could use to play into a overall plot of your game. Of course the Discovery background feature Hermits shall get the pretty much gives you an insight for some enigmatic, obscure, or occult…thing. So be that ancient ruins and a scroll containing the secret of the multiverse, or else simply a location of a lost civilization, a Hermits discovery is a major boon for the DMs in order to work your character into the game.

Al though, the skill proficiencies shall play fairly well for this Druids too. The Medicine and Religion offer a couple good role-playing options like your character which understands how to keep something alive and also the knowledge about greater beings of existence.

But here the honest words about this are, i think the religion is the strange choice for Hermits. I can feel the Nature would fit better here. But of course that would just me.

As a whole, here the biggest reason why the Hermit is one of the best backgrounds for Druids is simply because of it aligns with the overall theme very well.

2. Outlander

The outlander background is the great choice for the Druids. But since the theme draws the inspiration from living and also surviving with the clan outside of “civilized” society alongside of nature, it commonly works perfectly with the Druid class.

The next up, what is most arguably the best background for a druid (second only to Hermit) is the Outlander.

However, like the Hermit, this is one of the background focuses on how your character shall grew up and lives/lived away from the civilization. Of course the difference being your character isn’t really an intellectual type. But instead of this, the Outlanders focus on the survival aspects of living in the wilds.

So, this is why i think the outlander makes for the second best background for Druids.

So, since the Druids are the casters (most specifically, Wisdom caster), they must have a bit more of the focus on some sort of the mental pursuit. Of course it must be that seeking enlightenment or else searching for some long lost secret, however their existence must indicate something more than just a survival.

In any case the outlander is much more of a physical background as the evidenced by skill proficiencies of Athletics and Survival. This also makes it one of the best backgrounds for Barbarians, but it does not highlight the mystical aspect which Druids embody.

That being said, in any case it does make for the one of the better options only. Of course the Wanderer is the fantastic background feature too. It is one of the best in my opinion. So that it basically means you party never gets lost whenever you’re in the familiar territory and also you can find the food and water anywhere which has berries, fruit, and other edible items.

So, Personally, i would like the idea of druid outlander being said sort of the like a tribal healer or guide through a magical forest.

So, the Outlander shall make for the great background choice for Druids if you don’t want the more intellectual elements for being come into play.

3. Far Traveler (SCAG)

The far traveler background shall highlights the idea which your character comes from a distant land. This usually plays well into an idea which a druid character may come from the foreign land with the reverence for a natural world. Of course this background comes from the Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide.

Here i’m gonna be honest about this dnd background. I do not like this far traveler. Do you mean to tell me your character’s only defining aspect about their backstory…so is they come from someplace else. They were not the soldier or a baker or else even a homeless child? that they just…always come from some far away place. that’s cool stuff.

In any case.. the far traveler shall make for the good Druid background.

So starting with the all of their you would feature which is basically draws an attention of the citizens that wherever your character goes. Of course your character is much different in their mannerisms which is everyone around them that apparently loses an ability for remembering the basic manners and also stare at them.

So that, their skill proficiencies, insight and the Perception, both of them could play into the Druid fairly well. Of course the perception for sure like it is the best skill in the game. Anyhow, insight is a bit weird since it is a primary use is to get a read of people…that the Druids typically wouldn’t have. But, even though there’s an argument which a druid might have a more intimate understanding of the base nature of the people.

So that, it is one of the mostly a theme of the Far Traveler background which usually works well for a Druid.

Since the Druids are tend to be come from an outside the civilization (or else the outside of the campaign’s civilization), having the background which usually highlights this fact plays well into their theme.

4. Sage

The sage dnd 5e background shall make for the sake of an interesting druid character. But since this background was focus on researching and also finding the knowledge, in any case it does not lean into a natural side of the Druids. But, it could easily server like the catalyst like to why your character has been turned to the druidism.

This is one of the bits of the weird one, i know. But, hear me out.

Suppose, if you’re really would like to lean into an intellectual side of the Druids, sage is a great choice like your background. In any case it was focus heavily upon having the understanding common and also esoteric knowledge. And, it usually gives you the foundation for the potentially unique backstories.

For an instance, what if your character was once the respected scholar but it fell from the grace because of either arrogance or else sabotage? however it might be they are turned to a natural world after losing everything.

Here the second idea is almost a young student out for researching some ruins. Of course the tragedy befalls them but the local nomadic tribe or else hermit shall find them and also it nurses them back to their health. Over the few months, they had been learning how to live nature and develop the connection with this earth. So, as time goes on, they are still desire to return to their home. But of course they are turn a changed person.

Here this sage background in dnd 5th edition, might not be a classic choice for the druids. It is, almost after all, much more heavily rooted in a classical ideas of the learned scholars and also the researchers.

That being said, suppose, if you’re going to be a little against to the grain, the Sage is not the bad background option for the druids.

5. Uthgardt Tribe Member (SCAG)

This Uthgardt Tribe Member is an alright Druid background. As the Outlander, it always plays into the more tribal ideas behind some druids.

Of course the Uthgardt Tribe Member background shall come from the sword coast of the Adventurer’s Guide.

Suppose, if you’re not playing in the Faerun (it is one of the official settings in D&D), then you can easily swap out, “Uthgardt” for any of your setting’s tribes.

But honestly, here an inspiration for the Uthgardt Tribe Member shall be really leans into the barbarism. Of course it is why this is only shall make for an okay Druid background. That all said, however, it has a focus upon living away from the modern civilization which usually works well for the Druids.

In any case, Interestingly, the background casually specifies to call out in a Uthgardt Hospitality feature which you may find the refuge with your tribe’s allies it is also including druid circles. Of course this implies that the Uthgardt Tribes may tend to not have druids within their rankings. Of course this feature shall also lets you to find more food than normal in lands that your character is familiar with.

You shall get the proficiency with some Athletics and Survival like an Outlander background. So that, the aligns with the Druid class about same.

But most honestly the reason about this Uthgardt Tribe Member is further down the list is just because of it’s basically just for a more specific version of the Outlander. Of course it shall come with a more socially useful feature but slightly less so for an adventuring.

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