Telekinetic Feat 5E

Hello adventurers of all shapes and sizes! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 80th episode of our feat series. I think it’s technically more than that, because if you’re not like super familiar with like the telekinetic and the telepathic feat 5e this is like their third iteration by wizards of the coast.

They’ve been in unearthed arcana twice now and they’ve been kind of themed a little bit differently both times i guess, but they’ve been for the most part the same, this is their final iteration, they were meant to kind of be like this weird a bridge into psionics at one point but it was too messy man!

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So i’m actually relatively in favor of these similar versions and i kind of i have mixed feelings about psionics in general but it seems like wizards of the coast is staying away from them for the most part or just using them in very subtle ways.

In any case today we’re going to be going over telekinetic feat dnd 5e which is found in tasha’s cauldron of everything there’s like two articles now in this series so you can see that progression if you want. If you do want to checkout the full series you can do so by clicking on 5e feats official in any case let’s dive right into its description here.


So right off the bat you get plus one to intelligence, wisdom or charisma which is really nice and you’re gonna wanna make a mark on which ability score you go with because it is pretty important for later on as we’ll of course get into, and the rest is as followed.

You learn the mage hand cantrip. You can cast it without verbal or somatic components, and you can make the spectral hand invisible. If you already know this spell, its range increases by 30 feet when you cast it. Its spellcasting ability is the ability increased by this feat.

As a bonus action, you can try to telekinetically shove one creature you can see within 30 feet of you. When you do so, the target must succeed on a Strength saving throw (DC 8 + your proficiency bonus + the ability modifier of the score increased by this feat) or be moved 5 feet toward you or away from you. A creature can willingly fail this save.

That’s really cool! So there’s of course a couple things going on here. We’ll get into a little bit more in the walkthrough but a couple things i want to break down while i have this pulled up plus one to ability score, really simple.

This augments the mage hand cantrip quite a bit. So in an addition to being able to cast it, you do so essentially component free so it’s an at will thing now and you can make the hand invisible. Usually it’s spectral, a lot of people think it’s invisible initially it’s not, you can see this is kind of like a ghostly hand thing. So bear that in mind and then if you already have mage hand it bumps its range up another 30 feet which is super impressive. That being said, it still does require line of sight so bear that in mind as well. In any case it’s really neat and then you can of course shove or pull people to and from you respectively.

By using the DC of 18 plus proficiency plus your ability modifier. And it doesn’t say there’s any components to this so it’s assumed it’s kind of an at will thing as well. And you can do it pretty much whatever and it is a bonus action so it’s really good. Now let’s move on to the walkthrough here.


So to really simplify it down, really as simple as you can get plus one to intelligence, wisdom or charisma. Cast mage hand without somatic or verbal components and it is completely invisible. As a bonus action you can push or pull a creature at five feet away or towards you.

The DC for that is 8 plus your proficiency bonus plus the selected modifier is based off of what you chose via your ability score improvement so intelligence, wisdom or charisma and i know what a lot of you are thinking with regards to the pushing and pulling effect it’s only five feets bruhh it’s not that big of a deal right! No well yes and no.

Five feet can be huge deal when you’re dealing with environmental factors like cliffs or traps. And it can also be a pretty big factor when you’re dealing with spell effects that are based on specific distances. Good example be glyph of warding or even snare. That being said, however that’s not the way i think most people are gonna use it and it’s not the best way to use it in my opinion either because five feet in the grand scale of a combat not necessarily a big deal. Let’s just get to my personal thoughts before i start rambling here.


So as i alluded to earlier yeah you can do it on creatures opposed to you it doesn’t really make a huge difference. Where it really makes a difference is when you’re dealing with moving allies. Why would you want to use this on an ally i hear…you say! Well it’s a fair question because it’s not immediately apparent. The secret is how opportunity attacks work or attacks of opportunity.

Forced movement does not proc an attack of opportunity and i get the distinct feeling that’s how most people are going to use this. In terms of who benefits the most from this spell! it’s kind of a toss up, i want to say the wizard gains a lot from this. But at higher levels their bonus action is super important to them. So who knows whether or not they’ll go with this.

However a rogue on the other hand really might benefit from this. Now i know rogues get their stuff for bonus actions. However that being said, if you’re in a dicey scenario and you’re already hidden and one of your allies is in danger, this is a good way to move them out of the way and through extension out of danger. Also if you’re setting traps or things of that nature that movement will really help you out there.

And as it relates to the arcane trickster you know i get it, you already have mage hand…sweet! and your mage hands already completely invisible sweet. So this feat doesn’t really help you out neither of those regards but where it does help you out is with that boosted range. If you’re unfamiliar with the arcane trickster they get an augmented mage hand and they can do a bunch of cool stuff with it.

So they can stow an object, they can retrieve an object, they can use thieves tools via the hand and disarm traps or range. Really cool stuff! That being said, this extra range and the ability to cast it essentially component free is dope. So you can cast it 60 feet away, you are already hidden the intelligences are spell casting modifiers so you boost your intelligence in the process, it’s pretty dang sweet and on top of that you gain the ability to control the battlefield in a way that rogues usually just don’t have access to.

That being said, you know will your rogue take it. Maybe, maybe not. That being said however that plus one to intelligence is very useful to the arcane trickster, especially as they get up there in levels and they start to use their illusion magic more frequently because for them. They don’t have a lot of spell slots so every time they cast it they want the best odds of succeeding at it.

That being said, it’s kind of a weird balance. You really don’t want to mess up and you don’t want them to succeed on that DC so the higher you can get your spell save DC the better. Do not miss out shadow touched feat 5e.


That being said, i don’t know! Let me know what you guys think down beneath in the comment section. I might be totally off the mark but this would complement a lot of my plays very well. So i am speaking from personal bias but let me know what you think if there’s any metas or ideas you want to try out. As well as if any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns. In an addition to that i hope you guys have a great day and as always happy adventuring.

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