Metamagic Adept DnD 5E Feat

Hello adventurers! Welcome to my spellbook and thank you so much for checking out the 74th episode of our feat series. Today we’re going to be taking a look at metamagic adept dnd 5e feat which was added in with the tasha’s cauldron of everything book. I do have some interesting thoughts and a couple concerns regarding this, however i don’t know it will 100 percent a lead to some very interesting plays i can all but guarantee that and i’m likely going to take advantage of quite a few of them. In any case let’s dive right into its description.


First and foremost on the prerequisite it is you have to have spell casting or pact magic feature before you take this. That makes sense because you’re dealing with metamagic stuff and that alters spells. So yeah and it reads as followed:

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Prerequisite: Spellcasting or Pact Magic feature You’ve learned how to exert your will on your spells to alter how they function: You learn two Metamagic options of your choice from the sorcerer class. You can use only one Metamagic option on a spell when you cast it, unless the option says otherwise.

Whenever you reach a level that grants the Ability Score Improvement feature, you can replace one of these Metamagic options with another one from the sorcerer class. You gain 2 sorcery points to spend on Metamagic (these points are added to any sorcery points you have from another source but can be used only on Metamagic). You regain all spent sorcery points when you finish a long rest.

Huh…..Nice! So a couple things i want to point out really quick here. First and foremost tasha’s cauldron of everything did add in two new metamagic options and they’re both quite good. One of them in particular i really like so we will be going over all of the metamagic options in the subsequent articles here very similar to what we did for the fighting styles so just keep an eye out for that. Of course this is one of the 5e feats that gives fighting style.

Can sorcerers use metamagic adept? here is our glance here. In addition to that this feat is very clear that you can only use these sorcery points for the metamagic option. You can’t use them to regain spell slots. So that should be pretty interesting and i want to be really clear, these sorcery points can only be used for metamagic. That’s it so if you want to use them to cycle through your spell slots…no dice! you have to keep them kind of separate, so they are added to your total sorcery points from other sources assuming you took some levels in sorcerer 5e but these two can only be used for metamagic.

So you’ll kind of want to make a note somewhere of that. That being said however, odds are you’re going to be using some of your sorcery points for metamagic anyways so burn through these ones first and keep your other ones free it’s probably the best way to use it. Now let’s go over the walkthrough here really quick. You may also like to check 5e feat tier list.


So in simplest terms you learn two meta magic options and gain two sorcery points to use with the metamagic options. Now in terms of the metamagics that are relatively stand outish, they do a lot of different things. So one of my personal favorites is twin spell and i feel like that’s gonna be one of the most common options choosen for this.

However distant spell is likely going to be quite popular as well. Especially if you’re playing a squishier build i want to say and you can switch out these options whenever it comes time for an ability score improvement anyways. So it’s one of those things where there’s no real downside to picking from what you need in the moment right!

So in that regard i really do like this and it lends itself to a ton of interesting customization. In addition to that there are some more that work really well with utility spells, extended spell is a really good example of that which if you’re not super familiar doubles the duration to a maximum of 24 hours which may or may not save your life if it comes down to it.

However now that this is available to all classes without needing to worry about multi-classing, i get the feeling there’s going to be some very interesting spell combinations in the near future here. Now let’s get on to my personal thoughts.


I am incredibly optimistic about metamagic adept. I know a lot of you guys are really in love with your ability score improvements, i get it i know this doesn’t really offer anything in the way of that. But the sheer amount of flexibility it gives you i want to say is worth it. I understand you only get two sorcery points, i understand you only get them back on a long rest but most campaigns only have like one or two combats a session anyways and twin spelling something like haste is gonna really help out your action economy so.

I don’t know would you rather get an extra like plus one on your weapon attacks or would you rather give two of your party members extra attacks in general right! I would consider it worth the investment…that being said let me know what you guys think down beneath in the comment section.


Be sure to mention any thoughts, questions, comments or concerns you have regarding metamagic adept. Before i let you guys go i know a couple of you are likely to bring this up. I do actually main a warlock, sorcerer multi-class and i’m a coffee lock if you know what that is i feel terrible for your dungeon master but i am actually relatively interested in taking this feat despite that.

However i don’t know let me know what you guys think down beneath, i’m always really curious to see what you guys have to say. In any case i hope you all have a wonderful day and as always happy adventuring.

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