Investigator/City Watch Background 5E

Any how you’ve been served the community at what place you grow up and also standing like its first line of which defense against crime. Although, you were not a soldier, even directing your gaze outward at the possible enemies. But instead of this, your service to your hometown was to simply help the police its populace, protecting the citizenry from the lawbreakers and also malefactors of each and every stripe.

May be you’re one of the parts of the city watch of the waterdeep and the baton-wielding police force of the city of Splendors, also protecting the common folk from thieves and from the rowdy nobility alike too. Either you might be a valiant defenders of Silverymoo, a member of the Silverwatch or else one of the magic-wielding Spellguard.

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Most probably, you would hail from the Neverwinter and even have served like one of its Wintershield watchmen, also the newly founded branch of guards those who vow to keep city safe with skilled hands.

You couldn’t be a city-born or city-bred even though this background can be describe your early years like the member of law enforcement. But most of the settlements of any size have their own constables and also their own police forces, and the small communities had sheriffs and the bailiffs those who stand ready to protect their community in a safer and secure way.

Skill Proficiencies

Athletics, Insight

Tool Proficiencies



Two of your choice


A uniform in the style of your unit and indicative of your rank, a horn with which to summon help, a set of manacles, and a pouch containing 10 gp

Feature: Watcher’s Eye

As an investigator you have much experience in enforcing the law and even dealing with the lawbreakers and it gives you a feel for the local laws and also criminals. You can able to find local outpost of the watch or the similar organization as easy as you can, and also just as easily pick out the dens of criminal activity in a community, even though you’re most likely be welcomed in most of the former locations rather than the latter.

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Suggested Characteristics

You can also use the soldiers background tables like the basis of your traits and motivations and also modifying the entries whenever appropriate to suit your identity.

Actually, your bond is likely associated with your fellow watch members or else the watch organization by itself and almost clearly concerns your community. Of course your ideal probably involves the fostering of the peace and also safety. Actually, an investigator is almost likely to have an ideal which has connected to achieving justice by successfully solving many crimes.


D6Bond Options
1My bond is to the people who write mystery novels. They helped me get where I am.
2I am in the job to escape justice, in a way.
3I am in a debt of one hundred platinum, due to a terrible bet.
4The bartender at the local tavern has been awfully kind these past few decades. I should probably repay his generosity.
5One criminal betrayed me, when my villainy was less honest. When we cross paths again, only one of us will leave that place.
6I have no bond. I am my own creature!


D6Ideal Options
1Honor: I will honor my word, even if it harms me. (Good)
2Greed: I only do this for the money. (Evil)
3Justice: If I find my client is a traitor, I will do the same. (Lawful)
4Vigilantism: The law is a burden that I must not adhere. (Chaotic)
5Privacy: The case is a means to an end. That end is not my business. (Neutral)
6Ambition: My name shall me made through detective work. (Any)


D6Flaws Options
1My cynicism can make me a turncoat.
2I have waxing addiction problems.
3I tend to make terrible bets, especially when gambling.
4I care only for myself.
5I am a smart aleck, and I don't stifle my showing it.
6I charge exorbitant prices for my taking a case, almost to the point of not receiving any.

Personality Traits

D8Personality Traits Options
1You have an addiction problem.
2You are very genre savvy.
3You are a braggart.
4You are a cynic.
5You often gamble.
6You let others do the dirty work.
7You are friendly with your clients.
8You do everything yourself.

Variant City Watch: Investigator

Rather than the  watch or patrol members are a communities investigators, those who’re responsible in solving the crimes after the fact. Even though such folk are seldom found in the rural areas of course nearly every settlement of decent size at least one or even two watch members those are having the skills for investigating the crime scenes and track down the criminals. Any how if your past experience was as an investigator, that’s why you have proficiency in Investigation rather than the Athletics.

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