DnD 5E Backgrounds for Cleric

In dungeons & dragons roleplaying game the backgrounds are freequently being neglected part of 5th edition d&d build discussion, firstly because they have been centered around the roleplay and also will be differ greatly from the character to character. So in an interest of generating more interaction about a roleplay aspect of d&d on the on r/3d6. Of course i am going to build a backstory concept for each and every possible class and the background combination of the 12 classes and 13 backgrounds in the Players Handbook.

Really I think any type of background could be pretty easily justified with a little imagination. Even just sticking to good aligned generic clerics. You can checkout the cleric backgrounds 5e from the below list and have some knowledge on it. Would you like to know what backgrounds are good for cleric? Then make sure to check out this article.

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Barbarian, Bard:

Of course here our third class is cleric. The clerics would be differ greatly in between the various kinds of campaigns depends upon the pantheon (or even lack thereof) is being used; probably take this list with some grain of salt when you think you have a homebrewed list of deities. Probably if you could think of some better ideas for the sake of ones then I didn’t think of so, or even find a better idea for being one of them, you can let me know down beneath in the comment section.


Priest: You’ve pursued the path of the faithful and finished your training in order to become a priest in service of a deity. Whatever your position within the temple’s hierarchy is, the bond you have with your god remains to be strong.

The cleric in dnd are, by all means, the acolytes of their church, gods, and pantheon. One of this dnd backgrounds could be selected with none altering of the backstory and also its benefits are being perfect for the cleric, so just making it the default selection for many players.

Mainly the acolyte provides proficiency with insight and also the religion skills. However the religion is a must and should have for the sake of a cleric for their connection to a divine, even if many clerics lack high intelligence.

The proficiency in an insight has been combined with the usually high wisdom most clerics posesses would come in the handy, mainly with the cleric’s charisma that is allowing for great roleplay scenarios. Both the skills are already in the cleric’s skill list, that are allowing the cleric for selecting two other great options, medicine, and persuasion.

However including with the two proficiencies, acolytes learn two extra languages. The clerics could be benefitted from these, considering they do not find and grab the comprehend languages spell. Of course the equipment and the background feature are already mostly part of the cleric class.

Here the equipment include the holy symbol, a book of prayer, five sticks of incense, vestments, common clothes, and 15 gold coins. The feature would allow an acolyte passage and may helps from any temple or community which shares the equal faith. This background is an all-around perfect fit for the cleric, in both theme and benefits. Pretty standard.


Deliverer: By using your connection to your belief, you have made a decent amount of coin convincing those who live sinful lives to make a “donation” to you to ensure their spot in the afterlife. Your god would understand, right?

You’re only in it for yourself, until a day you would be had an experience which made you see the light. So as per this line now you can realize the beauty in doing good. You’d be almost can not believe you are actually buy into that sappy heartwarming feeling. But you do so. Probably the oldest habits are still die hard, or maybe thereafter are folks those who would like to get revenge from your previous misdeeds. But you’re on a mission from the gods!


Forbidden Faith: Here the deity you do worship and the channal your divine magic via has been made illegal by the government in power. Probably you do practice your faith in secret, communing with other faithful worshipers of your god in the shadows. Whenever the society is oppressive and corrupt, it takes criminal cunning change the world for good.


The entertainer is one of the best cleric backgrounds dnd. It is the Choir Singer: You are one of the members of your church’s choir, and spread your deity’s gospel via song. Here is a morality playwright to show people the error of their ways, a moving song to inspire hope in the midst of suffering.

Folk Hero:

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